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    Scouthead & Austerlands Contest Results 2004 Number of bands: 68 (Record) Open Section 1st Hepworth 2nd Dobcross 3rd Brighouse & Rastrick First Section 1st Marsden 2nd Old Silkstone 3rd Poynton Second Section 1st Silk Brass Macclesfield 2nd Marple 3rd Haslingden & Helmshore...
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    Where was your bed then Bowdy? Laura Can I remind Mr Bowd that he didn't actually have a 'bed of his own' so to speak, and that the picture of him with handbag and shirt tied provocatively round his anatomy will be available for free view very soon! :wink:
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    Troubles at Fairey?

    In order to satisfy the high level of interest that currently exists regarding the personnel of Fairey's, it has been necessary to release an official statement. The band management team are acutely aware that because of the status of the band we have a certain responsibility to our supporters...
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    Hi Alex, Contrary to previous messages Mr Bowd is still a member of the Fairey FP Music band and does require his jacket to be returned to him, if that could be arranged. In fact, the jacket was not actually lost, just taken off and placed on a chair whilst 'chatting' in the bar on Saturday...
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    Fairey fp (Music) Band Christmas Concert

    The Fairey fp (Music) Brass Band will be in concert at Stockport Town Hall on 12th December, starts at 7.30pm. Tickets; adults £7.50, concessions £5.00, available on door, or from the box office 0161 474 3457, buy early to avoid disappointment!
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    Another band has cancelled!

    Hi Janet I will ask Graham if Holme are interested. I'll let you know as soon as possible. Ciao :wink: Janette Hetherington
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    Pontin's Prediction Competition Results

    Re: Pontins Predictions Ch 1 - Carlton Main 0 2 - Wingates 0 3 - Hepworth 1 1st 1 - Yorks Coop 0 2 - BHK 0 3 - Holme Silver 0 2nd 1 - Wire 1 2 - Old Silkstone 0 3 - Silk Brass 2 3rd 1 - Boarhurst 0 2 - Greenalls 0 3 -...
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    The Timperley Band - vacancies

    Hi, I'm not sure where Weaverham is, but Timperley is just off the M60 near Manchester airport between Sale and Altrincham. Contact Md Graham Hetherington on 01457 861896 if you need more details. Ciao :D
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    The Timperley Band - vacancies

    Timperley Vacancies Edit: for current vacancies and contact details please see most recent threads Timperley Band - 3rd Section, based in the Manchester Area require Flugel Horn and Percussion players, for this friendly, ambitious band, to complete the line-up. Rehearsals are Sunday &...