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    Stuart Pullin

    I'd just like to echo everyone else and express my sadness and dismay at Stuart's passing. I got to know Stuart when we were both studying here at Salford Uni. I think Stuart was in his final year when I was in my first year, but he always took the time to speak to us lowly first years and...
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    Official tMP North West Regional 2007 thread

    Not again Pete!! Wot you like?
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    Official tMP North West Regional 2007 thread

    Thank you! I knew it was in there somewhere!! Was a bit disappointed that we didn't qualify - sincere congrats to Fodens and Leyland who did though - but can now see that if we just have another year together heading in the direction that we are, we can and will do better. The hall wasn't...
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    David King Leaves YBS

    Thanks for the idea but I'd just like to point out that we're not a 'struggling in the lower reaches of the top section' band - and in fact we're doing pretty damn fine at the moment, having released 4 CD's this year, INCLUDING a Christmas single (plug, plug... see for...
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    Which brass band testpiece has the most difficult opening

    Really sorry to be a complete BOC, but the 1st baritone for Resurgam at the beginning does not have the tune - trust me, it starts on an A and follows the trombone line ( i think). Definitely not written to play the tune but it often happens. Ok I admit it - I'm a true BOC...... hangs head...
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    Where shall we go???

    Wot about Turkey? We (me and 3 mates - girlie holiday) went last September and it was brilliant. We stayed at the Aymera Hill Hotel in Fethiye - check out the hotel website for piccies and stuff We booked through as a last minute deal and got a...
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    Freshers 2005?

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    Preston Contest Results

    Who cares what all the bands played - did you see the freebie stuff that World of Brass were giving away? Lil cute wallet size packs of mints with World of Brass on them - how fab! BOC mints!!! Brilliant advertising!
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    Baritone Solos

    Roger Thorne (of tmp notoriety) has written a great baritone concertino (as noted from the link earlier) for Rob Richardson, ex-Black Dyke, but he has also released the slow movement of the concertino (Andante) as a seperate solo with band accompaniment, and it's really really good!. You can...
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    Im a Dad!

    Hey Rich, Many congratulations from me and all the staff and students at Salford! Good luck! Maz
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    Isle of Arran. Destroying the myths

    Andy, quick, look out the window - it's sto.... Oh never mind!
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    Whats the best way....

    I'd take the very good advice you've been given from Mr Lyons if I were you Andy, especially since it's me who should be on the receiving end of them!!!! PS I don't like dark chocolate - milk or white please!!! Maz
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    Anyone coming to Salford?

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    A Conductors Curse

    Muchos berrage will be yours pet... and I may even buy you a beer! :wink:
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    A Conductors Curse

    excuuuuuse me! :lol:
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    A Conductors Curse

    Hey Mark, why don't you try a bit of the Prodigy - always used to work in the horse.... that and the 20 pints! :guiness That or the aftershock... How is your arrangement of 'Smack my Prostitute Up, You Arsonist Hussy' anyway?! :wink:
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    Charity Concert - Besses o' th' Barn and Besses Boys Band

    Teatime Concert for Cancer Research UK with Besses o' th' Barn Band Conducted by Jonathan Corry and Besses Boys Band Conducted by John North Sunday 13th June 2004 5pm Peel Hall, University of Salford Tickets: £5.00 (price includes Tea or Coffee and a Home-Made Cake or...