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    Sold/Expired WANTED - Besson Prestige Cornet BE2028 x 2

    Dear Kat, Have you tried my Geneva Cornets....I could bring a couple down for your band try, well worth a look at. Regards-Tim Oldroyd
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    Hardraw Scar Contest

    circle of life hi, Outvwith my band at hardraw and herd leyburn play circle of life, does anyone out there know the arrangement? Tim Oldroyd MD Shepherd's Group
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    Sold/Expired GENEVA CORNETS....Put them to the TEST

    Dear Sir, We are not making larger instruments as yet,we are making prototypes back end of this year with a leading band. Regards - Tim Oldroyd
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    Sold/Expired GENEVA CORNETS....Put them to the TEST

    Hi Shaun, Hope you are well. We have John (Hudson), your brother, Steve Wilkinson principle cornet of Brighouse.....More BIG names to come, I'll just wait until they BUY the cornet's before I put the name up!!! See you soon Regards - Tim
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    Sold/Expired GENEVA CORNETS....Put them to the TEST

    Dear ALL Cornet Players GENEVA are making new waves with the introduction of their NEW cornets. Why not arrange for a FREE Bandroom Visit to try these GREAT Instruments. At present we have some of the BEST in the business playing them with more to come in the next few weeks. SO Please...
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    best cornet player EVER!!!!!!!!

    cornet players For me the voice of the cornet is Philip McCann............Could make a glass eye weep!!!! The ultimate PASSION KING.......of course we are talking cornet playing.
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    Principle Cornet - Langbaurgh Brass - Exspenses Paid

    Langbaurgh Brass - 1st Section Based in North Skelton, near Guisborough DISTANCE Newcastle - 1 hour away Sunderland - 40 mins York - 1 hour & 10 mins Leeds - 1hour & 30 mins Require principle cornet, exspenses will be paid we also require front row and back row cornet players...
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    Sold/Expired For SALE Conn Elkhart trombones

    Have a look at my website you may just find the instrument you are looking for Thank you
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    Langbaurgh Brass - 1st Section - BBb Tuba, Percussion

    Langbaurgh Brass 1st Section (North East) Based in North Skelton (North Yorkshire) require BBb Bass, Percussion and a Front Row cornet player for the area's and beyond............If you are interested in playing with one of the North East most consistant bands please contact Tim Oldroyd...
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    Sold/Expired Trumpet Wanted

    trumpet What type of trumpet are you wanting and what sort of money do you want to pay? regards Tim Oldroyd
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    Girl Talk - The SEXIEST ballad ever

    Girl Talk Hello James, 2002 I played it with Carlton Main at the Brass In Concert (Spennymoor).......well I say i played it was played by Jimmy Hayes(now top man with CWS (Glasgow) and the band...Great tune and he played so well, (just his style). I think the cornet section had another...
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    [b]Langbaurgh Brass - Cornet, Baritone + Bb Bass Wanted[/b]

    Langbaurgh Brass (1st Section 2004) REQUIRE NOW Tutti Solo Cornet - 2nd Baritone + BBb Bass If you are interested in joining a busy and successful band based in the North of England (near Middlesbrough + Redcar), please feel free to drop us a line. Tim Oldroyd MD Langbaurgh Brass...
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    Salvation Army Music

    My band langbaurgh Brass over the summer concerts played the following Army music Montreal Citadel (March) Emblem of the Army (March) Spirit of the Army (March) Fall Afresh (Song Arrangement) In This quiet Momment Reflections in Nature I'd rather have Jesus (Cornet Solo) Share My...
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    Salvation Army Bandsmen&women Past&present

    Salvation Army Bands I started playing with the Malton Salvation Army Band........left the Army for 15 years (but you NEVER leave!!!) and have now being back in uniform for 14 months and soilder at Scarborough Citadel (and Guisborough). The best thing I could of done was to go back!! Is...
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    Mouthpieces: Gold rimmed mouthpieces

    Mouthpiece Gold or Silver Having dealt with mouthpieces for some fifteen years I now can give some little advice. Gold is a softer metal than silver and is more comfortable on the lip, but you will find that there is more movement (when wet), so if you can't play with a wet lip then try...
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    Valve Oil

    Valves & Valve Oils If you have problems with your valves!!![/size] Valve oil is not always the answer - you may just have a problem with your valves! Certain instruments (not nameing names) have always had not so good valves and the best answer is to have a brass repairer to have a look...
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    The best Trumpet models

    "The Best Trumpet" I would also look out for good old trumpets such as: Olds Recording, Olds Super, Olds Special, Conn Connstalation, Conn Victor, Selmer 99, Holton "Maynard Ferguson". There are some good "older" trumpets out there, to me they have much more soul about them, and the...
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    Aun't Bessie's - Concert - Scarborough 8/6/03 - HELP!!

    Aun't Bessie's East Yorkshire Brass REQUIRE HELP from EEb Tuba, Solo & 1st Horn and also Soprano for concert this Sunday (8th June) at Peasholme Park, Scarborugh. Start time is 14.30 until 16.30, but the boat leaves Peasholme to the band stand at 13.30.............. It's a great day...
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    Langbaurgh Brass "Wanted" Solo Cornets etc

    Langbaurgh Brass "Require front row cornet players, 2nd baritone and BBb Bass" 1st Section 2004 If you are interested in coming along to the band, please contact our secretary Josie Coupland on 01642 476704 or Tim Oldroyd MD on 01287 280002. e-mail: We look...