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  1. Sopman

    Belgium Grand Prix Result

    So, anybody out there agree with the FIA for over turning Hamilton's win yesterday?? I only saw the last few laps, but was very surprised to hear later in the evening that the FIA had decided he had got an unfair advantage over Raikkonen when he over-shot the "Bus Stop" chicane.... from the tv...
  2. Sopman

    Brass at the 2012 Olympics

    Hi All, This may have been discussed here in the past, but wondered if anyone knows if Brass Bands will feature at any of the 2012 Olympics ceremonies, opening, closing etc., or are we "too British" to be included??? Seems to me, with the world watching, its an ideal stage for the movement...
  3. Sopman

    Brass Britain

    What did anyone think about "Brass Britain" broadcast on Radio 2 the other night? I thought it was a good first programme and will definately listen to the rest of the series.
  4. Sopman

    Long Serving Members

    My band is coming up to its 111th birthday this year in June, having been formed for Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897. I know there are a lot of old bands out there so we are not unique in that respect, but we do have a direct link back to the founding members. Some of our current...
  5. Sopman

    Pokarekare Ana

    Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone out there knows where I can buy the full score and parts for Pokarekare Ana, arr P. Maunder. I've been looking for ages and can't find that arrangement anywhere....... Cheers Al
  6. Sopman

    Stars and Stripes.....

    All, Anyone out there got or know where to get a copy of the Sop part of Stars and Stripes Forever march with the piccolo part written for Sop?? Any help greatly received. Cheers. :lol: