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    Air From Rinaldo

    Hi, I'm trying to get hold of a piece of music called "Air from Rinaldo" AKA "Lascia Ch'io Pianga" by Handel. I've seen some references to an old arrangement by Hawkins (I gather it might be printed on papyrus ;) ), but does anybody know if it is still available and from whom..or any...
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    Blue flutes

    Hi, Does anybody know where a friend of mine could get a new blue enamel flute? Cheers, Ralph
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    I need a new job

    I'm bored with my job :( I've been working for the same company for over 10 years now and I think I need a change. We used to have over 25 people working here, but there's just 7 or 8 now. Other people are leaving to nice cushy jobs. ...but the work is kinda OK. However, I think I need...
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    Area pieces

    Has anybody started looking at the area pieces yet? We got Rienzi out for a blow and a big blow it certainly is! Lots of big pieces are prescribed for increasing stamina and sound.
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    Why don't people switch their headlights on in the fog?

    <gripe> I'm sorry, but this morning on the way into work, about half of the drivers had no lights on, and most of the other half just have their sidelights on, which is almost as much use as none at all </gripe> Anybody know why peopl just put side lights on? Are they frightened of draining...
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    Brown Music

    In this day and age of mass storage, electronic retrieval and the ease in which pieces of music can be printed and transmitted, is there really any justification for any piece of music to be "deleted" i.e. unavailable? I can understand when pieces had to be printed and printed in batch to...
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    What makes a good conductor?

    This is likely to cause controversy.... What makes a good conductor and what makes a bad one?
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    Apres-contest songs :)

    On the way back from Wilkinsons the other day, there must much revelery, despite us getting 4th (boooh!). Anyway, it became apparent that a lot of old banding "songs" are being forgotten. Does anybody have the words+tunes to any good sing-song songs (rude ones especially!!!) [Yogi...