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    NYBB Wales course 2010

    Can anyone please tell me the correct dates of this years National Youth Brass Band of Wales course and the venues and dates of the concerts. They have changed so many times since originally announed. I thought !!! I had got it sussed , them we recieved a programme from WAMF and the dates are...
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    Brass in Concert 08 -Gateshead

    Can anyone confirm the correct date and times of the Brass in concert contest??? The Bandsman and The concert web site state the concert in on 15th Nov and contest is 16th. However, I have ben told by several people that this wrong. The contest in on the Sat and concert on Sun Anyone in...
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    Europeans -- Tickets

    Anyone tried to buy tickets for the Europeans? Have been told already sold out for the Friday!! is this correct Not sure about Saturday, understand the auditorium only holds 1100
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    European Youth Band 2008

    European Youth Brass Band, 2008. Whos In From England, Scotland , Wales And Ireland? Anyone Know Yet?
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    Crosskeys Festival of Youth Music

    Congratulations to Abergavenny Junior Band, 2nd place against some very very good town and regional bands. All the hard work you have put in over the past weeks showed on stage today , you should all be very proud of yourselves!!! Esspecially with such a late draw. A lovely balanced...
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    E mail address Desford wanted

    Does any one have the e-mail address for Desford Colliery Band? Both links on their web site are returned unknown or unavailable. No Answer on the phone number posted either. Thanks
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    Digital Metronome and tuner

    Have been given a christmas list with a request for one of these - help!! I do know what one is, which is a good start, but would like advise on cost V quality V appropriate Daughter plays 1st tenor horn - Championship section. studying music at uni.
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    Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band Festival - Results

    Another contest, Sorry Festival!! and once again a little controversy, well this is Brass. Results 1st Swindon School of Brass Youth 2nd Lydbrook Training 3rd Mid Rhondda Juniors 4th Abergavenny Youth 5thNorthop Youth 6th Chepstow Town Best soloist Mid Rhondda cornet A long...
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    Sold/Expired Advice on buying a new instrument with the current situation with Besson

    My Daughter has been given some money to put towards buying a new horn,ideally she would like a sovereign, however with the current situation with Besson we have been advised that we would find it difficult to find a new one, that we would be lucky to get a guarentee with it and that even if a...
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    Music For Ilkley Moor Ba Tat

    My daughter and 3 friends are playing at the local chapel Christingle on Sunday. The minister would like them to play "on inkley moor ba tat", for while Sheppherds Watch their Flocks by Bight, as this is the original tune for this carol does anyone know how they can get hold of the music asap?
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    Names of 1st and cahampionship section band in and around Salford urgent please

    Can anyone tell me the names of any 1st and championship section bands in and around the Salford Manchester area need this info asap and though of you inteligent lot as the obvious place to start
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    National Youth Brass Band of Wales

    Results of the auditions for the above have just been announced, are you in???? Anyoone know the line up and where and when the concerts are??
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    Sold/Expired Cornet accessories for sale

    Several cornet bits and bobs for sale, as a result of daughter changing instruments to tenor horn. following a brace being fitted. Jupiter cornet, and case excellent condition, used only a few times. (moved onto a soverign) Practice mute, boxed, never used. selection of cornet music up...
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    My brace is off!!!

    Posted a question some 18 months ago asking for advice on braces. Had some really usefull advice and also some rather alarming advice. My daughter has now had her brace off she has had to move from cornet to Eb Horn, about 4 months into her treatment. However, she stuck with it, has a...
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    Crosskeys junior competition

    Any results from Crosskeys please, heard it was late finnishing, well there's a surprise for a brass band contest!!! Not heard any new yet
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    Sold/Expired Gig Bag for tenor horn

    looking for new or nearly new gig bag,for a tenor horn anyone got one to sell or can recommend a good buy??
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    Sold/Expired Gabriels oboe

    Does anyone know if a solo for Eb Horn exists for Gabriels oboe if so where i can get hold of it??
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    Sold/Expired Wanted Grade 8 pieces

    Broke tenor Horn player urgently needs following music Wiggins : Cornucopia Kneale Variations on a Welsh Theme Eb edition Sparke : Masquerade for Eb horn
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    Sold/Expired Arban cornet bible

    Have been asked by my daughter buy her a copy of the Arban Cornet Bible Not sure of the correct title and publisher can anyone help
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    ANyone tell me when the Treorchy competition is :?: Also do you know if a list of competing bands is yet available, after such a low show at Burry Port. Want to make sure its worth taking the day off work for :roll: