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    Walthamstow Co-Op Silver Band (Now East London Brass)

    I am trying to find some information on dates, concerts and contests for a very specific period between Jan 1971 and Nov 1971. I have been in touch with East London Brass and they seem to have misplaced records for most of the 70's, so I'm hoping that someone may still have them or possibly...
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    Old press cutting

    Thanks you all for your interest and suggestions but I have now found the publication. It was a London Co-Op Employees Newspaper called NOW and the article was printed in their issue 39 September 1970 which was their Golden Festival celebrating 1920 to 1970. The Co-Op archives were kind enough...
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    Old press cutting

    Thanks for the input. It is a poor photocopy so there is nothing on the back. As the whole article is about the the Co-Op Walthamstow Silver Band, I thought that it was possibly a Co-Op internal paper hence the monthly publication. But it could be a pull out from something else.
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    Old press cutting

    I'm trying to establish where this cutting was originally published. It only has the top of the page and on the left is 'page 4' and on the right it has 'NOW, September 1970'. Any help would be really appreciated.