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    The Royal Doulton Band

    I was just puting a ver recordings on my Ipod. Any info on some of the former Royal Doulton players Three CDs moved over
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    Thank you for this wonderful memory! I believe I have this recording somewhere - either as an LP or as an Eight Track tape. So well done.
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    Bass Trombone Advice!

    There were some recordings by a group of trombone players who went by the name Trombones Unlimted. The recordings have now been transferred to CD format. I certainly have enjoyed them. Additionally the Salvation Army had several CD s made by a group called Spiritual to the Bone. Some great...
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    Return to BBb Bass

    Reminder to play the music as written. Many players it seems, like to play an octave below the written music, thus sometimes not building a proper foundation for a chord. If you have a full complement of (4) basses, then you can agree with your BBb mate as to who will attempt the pedal notes. I...
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    Is The Wessex eeb tuba different from low priced tubas from China ?

    Are they going to be available in Canada?
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    Marsden-The Yorkshire Tea Band

    Great going!
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    The MouthPiece March

    Was the performance recorded? Can I hear the march Somewhere?
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    Cornet Lyre For Short-Sighted Player!

    Reading from a lyre I had a similar problem however playing a trombone and wearing bi-focals sure created a difficult challenge. With my music up, I couldn't see to read it.. I did however get a cheap pair of 'music glasses' that were the strength of the reading / close up prescription...
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2012

    Devil - - - - "what was on the score in places" Is there anyplace where one can purchase a mini score of this piece. or where is a score only available?
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    The Lonely Old Rambling Thread

    Thread Games and Totally Random... This section is for "Thread Games" and the "Repeat What is the word that we are supposed to associate with? BTW, it is okay to ask yourself questions, but don't start answering them or you are in trouble indeed!
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    salvation army bands, young men and alcohol

    Side mark - SA bands, young people and .... Bass Trumpet, This is quite often the way a person of a mature age such as your Granny justifies their elderly years in that they think God forgot to 'call them home' so they say what your Granny said. I give her top marks for being so loyal and...
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    salvation army bands, young men and alcohol

    As a non active S A player, I think that this whole issue underlines problems in our societies now in general. One of the previous respondents mentioned that it is the covenant that a SA Soldier, yes you do or at least you had to be a Soldier prior to being able to play in a SA Band. (A...
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    Sold/Expired CD Essential Dyke Volume 7

    Waiting for BD 7 Wish it were I, but sorry that it isn't. Sure do get excellent service from this group though. Can't be beat when you get your order straight. They have done well under the present administration of Mr Caffull and his bunch of who are very accomodating and customer service...
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    Sold/Expired CD Essential Dyke Volume 7

    I too had ordered this, however knew that WoB were moving near the end of February and you just don't close the suitcase at London and open it at Wellingborough and pull out a new CD to ship out, especially when the demand seems fairly heavy for this CD. BD didn't even have it on their site as...
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    Ideas for different finishes - colours.

    Colours What I find difficult to understand is why some people take all the lacquer off their instrument and leave the raw brass look. Again they seem to think it helps the sound - but to my thinking it has very little to do with the instrument and more with the player. I don't think a person...
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    Best marches

    What I like is a good street march in 6/8 time, like Dean Goffin's Anthem of the Free. Makes you want to swagger a bit when you are playing.
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    European Brass Band Contest 2006, Belfast

    Who will be reporting the results and approximately what time. It is now 10:20 PM Friday 28/04/06 in British Columbia, Canada where I live, which means that it is at least 6:25 GMT 29 April 06. From what I read briefly in the BB today that just arrived, a couple of the conductors stated they...
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    How should TUBA be pronounced

    The old and usual way! Bass! either Eb or BB Keep it brass! ^& British When did, it by the way, start to be tuba over there (in GB etc ) To me this is more of an American thing - similar to their calling the Eb Tenor Horn, the Alto (Eb) Horn
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    Champ Section Finals 2005 - Draw, Discussion and Results

    [You don't say what band you are with.] Conratulations to Leyland and thanks to everybody who has commented on our efforts yesterday! At last we have broken throgh that top 10 barrier!
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    A-Z Word Association

    A - Z Word Association Maple