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  1. IanHeard

    Well Done Wales! Interesting to read that Wales is the latest home nation to realise that the formation an over-arching National body is clearly the best way forward. So that`s Scotland, 'Norn' Ireland and Wales sorted,who`s left?.....Oh Dear, well three out...
  2. IanHeard

    British To English Federation. Although it`s just a name change, I am glad to see the federation proposing this change, it is important I guess when you are applying for arts funding that you do what it says on the tin!...or in this if you are only representing English...
  3. IanHeard

    Registry Chaos!

    Courtesy of 4BR... "The question of National registration rules raised its controversial head in Birmingham on the weekend, with the spectre of something of a domestic registration squabble now seemingly set to be played out in Scotland over the coming weeks. The Scottish Co-op Band took...
  4. IanHeard

    Why We Do It!

    I`m not one to get overly sentimental but this video kind of reminded me why I got into banding in the first place! Life affirming stuff!
  5. IanHeard

    SWBBA Torquay 2007

    The line up for next weeks SWBBA Contest @ Torquay, courtesy of 4BR. Open Section: 1. Bodmin Town (Huw Williams) (1st) 2. Forest of Dean Brass (Jackie Gwynne) (1st) 3. Lympstone South West Telecoms (Charlie Fleming) (1st) 4. Milton Keynes Brass (Broseley) (Paul Fensom) (1st) 5. Poole...
  6. IanHeard

    4br lags behind tMP!!

    Interesting that in 4BR`s October editorial they make a point that we good folks on tMP were discussing about 18 months ago!! tMP leads while others follow! Reproduced from 4br below- mod edit: link to original source...
  7. IanHeard

    Gary Pumford is new M.D at Soundhouse Brass (Plymouth).

    Soundhouse Brass based in Estover Plymouth, is delighted to announce the appointment of Gary Pumford as it`s new Musical Director. Gary succeeds Mike Faro, who leaves the band by mutual consent and with our best wishes for the future. Although Gary started in brass bands he has spent many...
  8. IanHeard

    Top Bands!..Time To Exercise Your Power!!

    It does`nt take too long, when looking at banding in England to realise that it is a mess! Too many players from our elite bands are saying the same things..too many contests with no meaning, poor prize money in relation to cost of attending and recently the subject of ever decreasing audiences...
  9. IanHeard

    Sold/Expired Amazing Race by Mackereth.

    I went to a concert by the Chalk Farm Band recently and would like to buy a copy of this peice....any idea`s where I can get it from? It`s not listed on his website or any other of the usual outlets. Thoroughly enjoyed the concert btw....Mr Loukes` cornet solo was beautifully played..what a sound!
  10. IanHeard

    4barsrest at it again!!!

    Another thinly veiled "pop" at the BFBB and its English National Contest! We all know this once great website is now dancing to the British Bandsman`s pro salvo/Kapitol Promotions tune, but come on guys! You would`nt mind if there was a substantiated quote from anyone...third rate journalism...
  11. IanHeard

    New Youth Band in Plymouth.

    Soundhouse Brass in partnership with Plymouth Youth Music have combined to form Soundhouse Youth Band. Commencing Thursday 26th April from 6.00pm to 7.30pm and every thursday thereafter,three senior tutors from Soundhouse Brass will be on hand to help in the development of a new Youth Band...
  12. IanHeard

    Domesday Scenario for the Nationals!

    If the Regions/Kapitol do not sort out the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain the following will happen!....... The increasingly "strapped for cash" top bands in England will soon find the "chore" of either qualifying for the RAH or the charade of attending their Area contest...
  13. IanHeard

    New Signings at Soundhouse Brass

    After an extremely successful Christmas period where the band raised in excess of £4000 to help swell the bands coffers, Soundhouse Brass based in Plymouth is delighted to announce the signing of three quality players ready for the area contest at Torquay in March. Kathy Fox rejoins the band...
  14. IanHeard

    Soundhouse bag a new M.D.

    Soundhouse Brass based in Plymouth are delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Faro as its new Musical Director.:) After a number of years living in South Wales, Mike is coming home to Cornwall and has agreed to succeed Denzil Stephens as our next M.D. Mike is a brass bander through...
  15. IanHeard

    Conductor Required Soundhouse Brass.

    Soundhouse Brass [] Required: MUSICAL DIRECTOR required to continue the development of this 2nd Section Band in Plymouth. 3rd in area contest, the band likes to balance the year between contests and exciting concert engagements including 3 per year in its own...
  16. IanHeard

    Cornwall....the new Yorkshire??

    Anyone looking at the Area`s at Torquay last weekend could be forgiven for thinking that it is "boom time" in banding terms for the County of Cornwall at present. Every single section apart from the 4th was topped by a Cornish band and the Duchy is supplying the bulk of the bands to Harrogate...
  17. IanHeard

    Fairer Representation at the Finals.

    Is it not time that we looked again at how many bands each region sends to the National Finals. Whilst I accept that the current rules are being correctly applied, it cannot be fair that the North of England on the strength of only 5 entries in the 2nd section is permitted to send 2 bands...
  18. IanHeard

    English Aspirations

    The news recently that YBS are intending to support the new BFBB English Championship was very encouraging especially after the unfortunate change of direction of the English Masters, a contest which in my opinion did much to cater for the aspirations of the elite English Bands to have an...
  19. IanHeard

    Do top players expect too much?

    Just heard the sad news that a top English band will not be representing my country at the forthcoming Eurppean, this following on from a similiar scenario for the "Worlds" and other elite bands in England. While I understand that the cost of attending these events are substantial, surely some...
  20. IanHeard

    Howard Snell`s comments on SP&S

    Very interesting to read the latest edition of Brass Band World. Howard Snell has made in my view some very pertinant observations re. the Salvationists growing influence on banding. I quote- "It (SP&S) has a hugely monopolistic position and is a thoroughly bad thing for banding" On...