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  1. Euph Kidd

    Setting Music to Fireworks

    Hi Everyone, I'm organising a gig just now for my old band and I was wandering if you have any advice. The gig is part of a festival and and the people involved are looking for a big finale extravaganza with "Brass Bands and Fireworks". The jist of this thread is just to see if anyone has...
  2. Euph Kidd

    British Open Solo Championships

    Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you guys knew when those people who entered would be informed if they are in or out! If Im in, I'd like to know for booking hotels, as its a long trip from Aberdeen! Fingers Crossed anyway! Cheers Tricky Dicky
  3. Euph Kidd

    Sold/Expired Black Rain(Svart Regn) - Cd Recording?

    Hi All, Im thinking of entering the European soloist contest and looking at the list of pieces there is one I know nothing about, Aagard Neilson's Black Rain. Im wondering if anyone knows if there is a cd recording of this, I have looked, but to no avail! Also are there any treble clef parts...