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    Soprano & Percussion wanted

    Do you need to be a female? i'd love to join a female band 8)
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    Tune Association Thread 3

    deck the halls with boughs of holly (fa la la la la, la la la la)
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    The person before...

    ^ doesnt have to reherse on Sundays
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    Any sax players here?

    Can you not read man?? I'm sure it says Alan.
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    searching for a cd by London Brass

    CHAMONE!!!!! My family live in Moss Side, always have done. Not even the hint of a break in to any of our cars! I had my car broken into twice in Stretford though. :shock:
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    'Gladiator' Scores

    Hmm. I'm sure your band and Fodens would sound exactly the same in terms of quality, sound and style playing the same parts. People go over the top when trying to play parts like that as they think the louder and rancid, the better. Not rancid at all in the soundtrack either Australian...
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    The "poaching" debate

    Agreed my friend. And no- one has actually defined what a "poacher" is. In brass band terms I mean.
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    Over Censorship

    It s rubbish when something you've put on gets removed without even being notified though. It may have caused offence, it may not have. But since things get removed, no one gets the choice to be offended or find it funny.
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    'Gladiator' Scores

    Mmm. Too much information I feel. There is a difference between loud and good and loud and offensive though. Offensive is not so good, usually heard in amateruish outfits, trying to sound like Black Dyke I feel.
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    Re:B & R concert - Does this....

    Who wouldn't want to play for Fairies? They are a quality outfit of a band, their Solo Eb bass is amazing! As is their Solo Baritone. Stop slagging faieys off they are my favourite band. I love Faireys.
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    Ideas for an encore?

    When you've finished "The Better World"?? You must be mad! It's a long piece that! Do yourself (and the audience) a favour...grin widely and sit down when you've finished! Encore??? Na, don't bother with it mate!!
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    Blitz score

    Eek I think my wide grin would have disappeared doing that!!! Bet it was very stressful as well. Mind you there were no microphones about I bet...
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    Shouldn't laugh, but.....

    Did it make you have a wide grin?? :D :D
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    Looking for telephone no.

    Well nae wide grins or silly giggles there young man. Hope there will be no microphones either cos you know what they say................ :wink: