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    Audley Brass, Midlands, 4th Section, vacancies

    Do you live in North Staffs or South Cheshire? Do you live in North Staffs or South Cheshire, and do you fancy a challenge? Audley Brass are currently recruiting and with an exciting new MD in Shaun Farrington (Ex-BT), a BRAND NEW BANDROOM, and an good mix of concerts and contests coming up...
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    Official tMP West of England Regional 2008 thread

    Just heard from my family that Verwood have won the Third Section! Fantastic result and very well deserved after all the hard work you put in! I am thrilled to bits for you all! Three wins in four years (with a 4th place last year) is a superb record, abosolutely delighted! Congratulations! Or...
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    Official tMP West of England Regional 2008 thread

    Good luck to Verwood Concert Brass on Sunday, I hope u guys give em something to listen out to! Im afraid I will be stuck up in the Midlands so wont be able to support you on the day! All the best! JT
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    Audley Brass give free 'Thank You' concert

    Audley Brass performed a free concert at Audley Theatre to give thanks to members of the community and patrons of the band for their efforts in helping the band rebuild its rehearsal hall. Audley Brass has been in existence for over 100 years and for 87 of those years their home has been in...
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    I felt it in Stoke, was wierd as I have never experienced anything like it before, really odd, the whole house shook! Then my housemate came bounding out his room shouting "Did anyone else feel that?" - fun times!
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    Audley Brass, Midlands, 4th Section, vacancies

    Can I add that Shaun is doing a great job wagging with the band, come and join the revolution!
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    How many usefull players are there in your band?

    Tax inspector, deary deary me! bet he is a bass player too!
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    Wessex contest 2007 results

    Well done Verwood! Anyone know what the bands played? And the other section results?
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    Audley Brass - Christmas Extravaganza - December 16th 2007, 7.30pm

    Audley Brass will be performing in our 'Christmas Extravaganza' on Sunday December 16th at Alsager Civic Centre starting at 7.30pm. The band will be playing a number of Christmas classics for your enjoyment. There will even be a chance for you to sing-along as we play many of your favourite...
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    LBBA Open Contest: Includes Official Results

    Well done to Verwood who came 2nd in the Third Section. Makes the long journey worthwhile!. Also congrats to Ian, the principal Euph who won the soloist prize - good work guys! Hope you get back safe!!!
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    Wychavon Contest

    Audley played 1) A Bridge too Far 2) Somewhere Over The Rainbow 3) Ticket to Ride 4) Gabriels Oboe 5) Pirates of the Caribbean
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    Bass players.....what car??

    i put my Bb across the backseat in my corsa! fits perfectly!
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    Alberta Suite- anyone know it?

    The piece was also used on the Wessex Band Course in 2005 (of which Derek is Musical Director) and from my memory was quite good fun, if it is the same version that is (it may have been extended for the contest!). The first movement begins with a fanfare that builds into an exciting movement...
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    Audley Brass - To help out at Brown Edge!

    Band Out To Help At Brown Edge Having just returned from the famous Whit Friday marches in the villages of Greater Manchester, Audley Brass are wasting no time in helping out a good cause in Brown Edge. The band, in partnership with the PTFA (Parents Teachers and Friends Association) at...
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    Audley Brass, Midlands, 4th Section, vacancies

    Cmmon guys this is getting ridiculous now (5 months since we first posted the ad!) - surely there is a Bb Bass player in the North Staffs/Cheshire area that is willing to come and sit next to me - I am not that scary honest - you can check my profile on our website
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    Weston Super Mare Own Choice 20 May

    I think Verwood are going in the 3rd Sec.
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2007 Thread

    Absolutely gutted with our 13th - really disappointing result, however remarks seemed fair although there were some interesting points raised! Oh well there is always next year.....................................................................................
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    Official tMP West of England Regional 2007 thread

    Well done to Verwood for coming 4th in the 3rd Section - First time at that level since 1999!! An excellent result!
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    Preston Brass at the Guild 2007

    The answers to the Audley Brass Preston report are now online at - Congrats must go 2 tmps very own Peter Bale who found more films that we thought we had put in!