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    Ergobrass - anyone use one?

    Thank you all for your advice. I have been using the Ergobrass pogo stick for about 4 weeks which included a week of intensive rehearsal and playing and it has made a huge difference to my recovery. It does take a little bit of getting used to, but not much and depending on the surface of the...
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    Ergobrass - anyone use one?

    Thank you all - I decided to go for the Ergobrass and it works really well. Helen - your tips are absolutely right! I have also found that though it has meant I can play a whole rehearsal without being in a lot of pain, I obviously do quite a lot of 'pulling in' to the mouthpiece with the whole...
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    Ergobrass - anyone use one?

    Hi I have searched this website for references to Ergobrass but can't find anything in relation to someone actually using one. I play Baritone and have developed a problem with my Rotator Cuff which is making it extremely uncomfortable to play and do lots of other things I want to do, but I...
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    Lip problem

    The soft paraffin didn't work......can't get it to stick! Using Iglu at the moment just to try and heal it - but not while I am playing! Next option is to try the Boots DIY mouth guard....
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    Lip problem

    OK - my dentists opinion was that the area that is 'damaged' is usually as a result of trauma or prolonged rubbing.No one has taken a swipe at me and I haven't bashed my face with my mouthpiece since I was small so my conclusion is that it is most likely the latter. Still no real reason for why...
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    Lip problem

    I do go to Specsavers!!!!! LOL
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    Lip problem

    Handily I have an appointment with the dentist this week so will certainly discuss it with him. Thank you. If you could recommend a good optician who understands a (marching) brass bander's particular problems I would be all sorted!!
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    Lip problem

    This may have been discussed before, but I have started to have a problem with the inside of my bottom lip. I seem to now have an area directly related to where the mouthpiece sits (I play baritone) that feels 'wrong'. A bit like the sharp taste of an ulcer but without the pain (thankfully). BUT...
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    Denham Band is recruiting

    DENHAM HENDON are still in need of players! We have gained a new cornet recently, but still need basses, cornets, principal Euph & cornet and 2nd Trombone. Other instruments welcome too. We rehearse Mondays and Thursdays 8 til 10 and have a varied programme of events throughout the year. PM me...
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    Denham Hendon Brass - all sections Remembrance Day 11/11/12

    Denham Hendon Brass are in need of players from all sections for our Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday 11th November 2012 in Greenford, Middlesex. From 10am til 12 We especially need corents and basses and you must be able to march!!! Early requst I know, but it is a busy day for banders!! Please...
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    Denham Band is recruiting

    LATEST UPDATE We are still recruiting! Now that we are established in our new premises in Cressex, High Wycombe we would love to see any new members. We are particularly looking for Principal Euph & Cornet plus further front & back row corents. Basses very wlecome Eb or Bb we don't mind! Please...
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    Denham Hendon Brass - Help Needed for L&SC Areas Sun 18/3 (and on going vacancies)

    We need some help for the Areas. We are in the second section and will be playing Cross Patonce. We need cornets, Euphonium and Bass (either Eb or Bb - though would prefer bB!). We rehearse Monday and Thursday nights (8-10pm) in High Wycombe and can pick you up if needed from High Wycombe...
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    Denham hendon at south mimms services today!!

    On now!! Between 12 and 3!!
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    Denham hendon at south mimms services today!!

    Fancy some Carols on your way to the relatives? Come and listen to Denham hendon brass at South Mimm service Station j23 on M25!! Collecting for Charity with great acoustics!!
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    Denham Hendon Band (based in High Wycombe) L&SC 2nd Section - Principal Cornet

    Due to unforseen work commitments the band are looking for a new Principal Cornet. We also need a 2nd trombone and a Bb bass along with a couple of tutti cornets We are looking ahead to the area contest and would love to hear from you if you are interested We rehearse Mondays and Thursdays...
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    Sold/Expired Yamaha Maestro YEP642 Silver Euphonium in Excellent condition for sale on ebay Hi Hoping the link above works! I am selling my Euphonium on Ebay - please take a look and happy bidding! Thanks Lou
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    Remembrance Day Parade Greenford 13th November 2011 Morning

    Denham Hendon Band are in need of basses and cornets for our Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday 13th November 9.30am to noon in Greenford, Middlesex. If you are in the area (or able to travel sensibly) and free and willing to help out it would be much appreciated. Please PM me if you can help...
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    Whit Friday - Deps required

    Denham Hendon Brass require deps for Whit Friday (17/6/11) We almost have a band! We require basses (Eb & Bb), cornets and 2nd Trombone. Choice of marches to be decided once we know what band we have. We will be meeting in Holmfirth at 2pm on the day. Accommodation will be available in Holmfirth...
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    Whit Friday in general

    Our sincere condolences for the loss of life this weekend from The Denham Hendon Brass Band. We have had problems in Uppermill in previous years, but not this year as we were much earlier. Would it be an option in addition to barriers and designated crossing points to start earlier? I know...
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    How to Survive the Area Contests

    You have got that absolutely right - no other advice required