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    Does playing loud wreck brass bands?

    playing loud :D regards as to being able to play loud, I will always remember the advise given by my late father a brass player all his life. He once told me" Bill any player can play loud, but it takes a good player to play softly and melodic " he use to say call yourself a good player...
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    Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

    best cornet player :D for me phillip mcann takes some beating I get goosebumps when I listen to recordings of pm especially Rusalkas lovesong to the moon out of this world. billbrass
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    whereabouts of john clough

    j clough :D thanks for that info Jim the last time I looked on the sellers web site J C was not on the list of players. good blowing billbrass
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    whereabouts of john clough

    :D Can anyone tell me who John Clough is playing for now or has he retired,I am a big fan of cloughy and like to keep in touch. billbrass
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    health problems

    :D thanks to all who answered my query regarding playing with heart problems, I think the general consensus is if I feel ok go ahead and give it a go, this I intend to do, will keep you all informed of how I get on. good blowing billbrass
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    health problems

    :oops: Sorry to have been away for so long have had lots of probs with computer, I would like to ask if anyone has experience of bandsmen/women who have heart failure which I have . What I would like to know is doe's anyone know of players with heart failure and if they have continued...
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    Easy Road Marches

    :P Westward Ho gets my vote, keep it as simple as possible when marching also played for one band who played When The Saints the crowd loved it. Billbrass
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    Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

    :D No one can beat Trevor Groom for me I was asked to play 2nd euph to Trevor some ten year ago when he guested for Stamford Brass I had only come back to banding after being abroad for ten years and was playing for the B band but the regular Euph players were on holiday and shift work, so I was...
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    Good luck to everyone at your Area's ....

    :( was anyone at the yorkshire regionals surely i am reading wrong Black dyke in the bottom three what happened ,I am devastated that my fav band finished down there ,someone please tell me it is a mistake, from a very down billbrass
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    Pieces due for a comeback

    :D when I was a boy just learning 4th sec band the test piece was "THE GOLDEN AGE" I can hear everyone saying how old is this guy but it is a piece that always sticks in my mind, cadenza's for the corner men looked easy to play until you tried anyone know of the Golden Age being recorded I...
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    soverign valves......

    :D the mouthpiece certainly doe's the trick, since I enquired about my grandsons yamaha cornet with sticky valves the valves are magic no sticking at all thank you who ever did the trick, hope I have not spoken to soon. billbrass
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    soverign valves......

    :o Re sticking valves my grandson has a yamaha YCR series cornet ever since new we have had a problem with all valves sticking at different times has anybody out there had probs with yamaha cornets, any help will be appreciated. :( billbrass
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    What band do you play for?

    :) Thank you Music Man for saying I have much still to offer though I am no longer playing, the problem is how!!! I am open to suggestions, one band I missed that I played with was Haverton Hill band (Durham League) now no longer in existance like many other bands ,the solo cornet player was a...
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    What band do you play for?

    :( I played for Billingham Band (Durham League) in the 1970's on euph, bari, bassbb lived in South Africa for ten yr moved to Peterborough played for Stamford Brass 3rd cornet,2nd Horn before having to retire with heart probs about 12month ago I miss playing very much thats why the Emoticon is...
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    Late starters/Mature learners

    :) I came back to banding after some 30yr and really struggled even though I was never a top notcher but after joining my last band before I had to retire with heart probs my site reading came on leaps and bounds because I had good players around me and a certain Trevor Groom in the middle who...
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    How did you hear about ...? please answer.

    :) Iam not sure but I think it was on 4bars rest billbrass
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    Our 1st Banned User

    :) I do not know what the banned member has done but well done for your action, people like these are not wanted in the brass band world, keep up the good work the Mouthpiece is the first thing I look at. good xmas playing may your boxes be overflowing Billbrass
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    who is your favourite band?

    :cry: sorry if I upset anyone about my remark about people not being in the real banding world I was just upset that my favs the DYKE were not in the list, bandsmen/women are the tops billbrass retired horn player due to ill health
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    Student needs music!!!

    :D I am looking for help doing grade 6 theory I am tackling it myself can anyone help I have books etc but cannot seem to get away with this grade I passed grades 3,4,5 all on my own billbrass
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    who is your favourite band?

    re best bands what a ridiculus list none of the top bands ie dyke, fodens etc some people are not in the real banding world