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    Remembrance Sunday - Was your band out today?

    Hi In response to your post - the most I have ever played the Last Post and Reveille in 1 day is 5. That was when I was on pilgrimage with the Dunkirk Veterans - which was a very moving week.
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    Pershore Midsummer Brass

    Hello all Just wondering if anybody else attended Pershore Midsummer Brass on Saturday 3rd July and what bands they managed to hear. I arrived in the afternoon in time to hear Stouport on Severn play in the marque behind the Angel Inn followed by City of Coventry. However, my favourite band...
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    Nomination: Best tMP Username - tMP Intuition Award

    Wonky Baton gets my vote - great name
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    Nomination: Best Avatar - tMP best Picture Award

    Fav. avatar has to be cornetgirl
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    Composers 'R' Us

    For me it has to be Phillip Sparke - I also agree that the 2nd movement of Year of the Dragon is outstanding
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    What do you do when you're not at band?

    When I am not at band, I work full time for the West Midlands Fire Service as the Community Fire Safety Team Manager which keeps me pretty busy. If I have any free time I do the following: I have just started Yoga - it is amazing the positions you can get your body in. I love reading...
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    What instrument is the most popular

    The cornet section has got to be the best so far!! I might be bias though as that is the instrument I play. :P
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    Newbie Bass Trombonist

    :lol: Hi Stuart I didn't think you needed any help with dynamics - especially loud! See you at rehearsal
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    What band do you play for?

    :P Hi Everbody My name is Liz and I play for the City of Birmingham Brass Band - front row cornet. Would just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous New Year