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    What was your fisrt Solo?

    James Curnow's Fantasy for Trombone a few years ago. It's a good one, but is about gd 7 std and quite difficult.
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    Hardest position in a band

    I play 2nd trombone in a 2nd section band, and I 100% have to go with sop. tuning, pitching, dynamic, definately a nightmare!
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    Who owns their own instrument?

    I am very pleased that I have just bought my first instrument, YSL 682B Yamaha Trombone, (the Bousefield model). As a poor student, had some help from mum and dad, but am proud that I managed to fund more than half of it, along with practice and straight mute!
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    Trombone Solo's

    I have been playing James Curnow's Fantasy for Trombone. It has a nice melody but is also quite technically difficult in places (well I found out quite difficult!). Also I really like the arrangement of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot for trombone. If something easy is what you are after the...
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    Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

    Markus!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    Brass Band Web Sites & Child Protection

    Can any of you reccommend any useful sources for guidelines on this topic? Being that we are a Youth Band we are also discussing this topic at great length, and would appreciate any useful sources. Many thanks.
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    Which Band Should I Join?

    I would obviously say hi to them if I knew who they were.....
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    Which Band Should I Join?

    Why dont you take a look at the Vancancies lists of bands in your region either on this site or Should cut down the search.
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    If you're interested....

    Oh dear Frisp what have you done, You've started a craze my old chum, Will it still be When we're in Dundee That we will be having such fun? Oh dear....useless.
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    I love cheese!!!!

    Why can we only enjoy one or the other?
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    Also a problem we have on the island, as I am sure alot of younger bands do, is that players get to that age when they either really get into the whole banding thing, or else they leave due to peer pressure etc. Being that we are one of only two bands that compete, we do not have a huge...
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    If you're interested....

    Why not try one of Billy's Frisp?
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    Trying to introduce Banding to the General Public

    Banding and the general public As a student in upper sixth aged 17 I have also had problems when explaining why I am so enthusiastic about the brass band that I play in. However, I find that the best way to get people to learn about the banding world is to ask them to listen to some music that...