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    Quick Promotion

    Kirkie Kelvin went from being last in the 4th section Scottish Championships in 1998 (I think) to being promoted to Championship Section in 2005. We also managed a Nationals Title in the Albert Hall on the way. This was not due to any sponsorship or other support, just really to band members...
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    Scottish Championship Section - BBb Bass player required

    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass, who compete in the Scottish Championship Section, require a BBb Bass player. The band rehearses Mondays and Thursdays in Kirkintilloch, just outside Glasgow. We are friendly and enthusiasic and are able to offer lifts from a wide variety of different areas...
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    Bands in the national press again!

    What is their financial loss? i.e what on earth are they suing for? i presume it is emotional suffering and distress... Have the band suggested mediation? It might be a bit more of an initial outlay, but it does work for disputes that have more emotional that financial reasons behind them...
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    Solo Euph and BBb bass needed - Scottish Championship section

    We have managed to sort the euphonium seat, but still need a BBb Bass...anybody out there fancy it? If so then just drop me an e-mail. Richard
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    Solo Euph and BBb bass needed - Scottish Championship section

    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass are looking for a solo euphonium and a BBb bass player for the upcoming Scottich Regional championships. The band are competing in the Championship Section. We recently came 5th at the Scottish Open and are looking to build on that success into the regionals. We...
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    Kirkie Kelvin, Scotland, Principal Cornet

    We are looking for a new principal cornet to assist in our upcoming busy and demanding series of commitments and beyond... We have the 1st section nationals in Harrogate in September, the Scottish Open in November and our first 'Scottish' in the championship section next year(!) as well as...
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    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass

    Scottish first section band require front row cornet player. Committed and free on Monday and Thursday nights?...this is for you! We are 10 miles to the north of Glasgow and there are lifts available from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. We are friendly and ambitious and would love to...
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    Front Row Cornet/Second Baritone - Glasgow

    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass are looking for both of the above. Competing in Scottish First section and looking to complete band for the regionals. Anyone interested then you can e-mail me on We rehearse Mondays and Thursdays in Kirkintolloch, just outside...
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    Sop mouthpieces

    I use a Stork 7C which I find really good. The only problem is trying to find them! I have also tried a Warburton on the Sop and it was really good too...can't remember the size though so probably not much help there sorry!!
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    I think if you stick with it you will enjoy trumpet. It is good for certain things and once you have learned it a bit more you will be able to play different styles in band easier. For example some of the kind of "big band" arrangements coming out for band are much easier if you have played...
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    Just like to add congrats...fantastic result! Sounds like from the previous post that Katrina was celebrating almost as much as Crawford!!
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    Mouthpiece help

    Anyone know anyone that stocks a range of Stork mouthpieces? I have tried the ususal places and have drawn a blank. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Soprano mouthpiece's - unlocking the mystery

    Ah...another convert to the cause of high and loud!! Who says not being able to play quietly is a problem??!! Just means we have to play loud all the time! There are a few good mouthpieces, Warburton, Stork and Bach all spring to mind. I think the Dennis Wick one is too deep with too narrow...
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    Most Unusual Band Engagement

    The Christmas Concert in Barlinnie, Scotland's roughest prison, was a particularly strange one. Especially when the conductor decided to make the solo horn player do a solo. She had to stand in front of a hall full of inmates who hadn't seen their girlfriend's etc for a long time...I'm sure you...
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    Favourite Note?

    As a sop player it has to be a top A or B with fff marked under it!