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    Views on Vibrato

    I was looking for peoples views on vibrato, however I'm not really interested in the when or where, I figure that most good conductors will decide that, but more in the how you do it and practice it. I'm looking especially into technique and training exercises as I for one find it pretty...
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    Quartet competitions

    Me and my friends are looking for solo and / or quartet competitions... Does anyone know of any on the horizon?
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    3 players require band for Whit Fridays

    Our band has decided last minute not to complete at the Whit Friday marches leaving myself and 2 others looking for a band (preferably travelling from or around the Northampton area). We currently play the following instruments in the Championship section: Horn Euphonium Baritone If any band...
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    Is anyone on spotify and if so is there much brass band music available?
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    British Open 2016 Predictions

    Pretty quiet all round considering this is on Saturday..... Any thoughts anyone? Or any thoughts on the piece / venue?
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    4barsrest countdown

    Does anyone know why 4barsrest are counting down on their website?
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    Labour Leadership Contest

    So what does everyone think about the political fall out of Brexit? Quite astonishing 2 weeks IMHO: The Labour party cannibalising itself Labour leadership contest The Tories Uniting behing May Farage quitting and the (no doubt) end of UKIP After yesterday's decision by the Labour NEC the...
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    A Downland Suit - 2nd Baritone Part

    My band got this out the other day but unfortunately the 2nd Baritone part was missing.... Is anyone out there able / prepared to scan me a copy??
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    British Open tickets

    Probably a silly question but do players at the British Open get free entry to the hall? I'm buying the family tickets and can't believe how fast the tickets are selling and don't want to miss out on being able to watch myself..... Can anyone advise?
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    Lack of meaningful comments

    Hi All, I love the fact that on this, a brass band forum, the In / Out debate has had over 35 comments yet the Spring Festival has passed without a single mention or comment....and chat about the All England Masters, that appears to be in disarray fell flat after a few hours... Oh, and there...
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    Slow Melody Practice Music

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a book of 10+ slow melodies that I can play during my practice routine to focus on tone and breathing as an alternative to the usual exercise books (Clarke, Collins, Arban etc). I'm not looking for anything particularly difficult, just slow, melodic and plenty...
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    Euph News

    In the llight of everything at Dyke, what about the forgotton Euph vacancies? Solo Euph at Briggus and 2nd Euph at YBS. Anyone have any news?
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    Baritone Practice Mute

    Does anyone out there have a Dennis Wick practice mute for a Baritone they would like to sell me (cheap). I am driving the neighbours mad!!! I was horrified to find that they are retailing for about £47 (when a trombone one is only £28 ) If so please PM me
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    To follow or not to follow..the score that is

    I am interested to know what people feel regarding the way bands approach "test pieces" and their interpretation. Over the last few weeks the debate over the Rienzi inverted turn has raged and whilst Reg Vardy won without inverting the turn I am led to believe that Midlands bands were told...
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    Music Help

    I'm after some help please I am looking to buy the following Brass Band arrangements but can't seem to find them anywhere Danny Boy - Arr. Barrie Gott Mumbo Jumbo - Arr. Barrie Gott Adagio - Arr. Gott Can anyone help me find these? many thanks Andrew Rigby Towcester Studio Band
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    Cost of recording a CD

    My band have just finished recording a CD which we are aiming to get out just in time for Christmas. We are now looking for a company who can take our master recording and produce between 100 and 500 copies at a (very) reasonable price. The cheapest I have found at the moment works out at...