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  1. Nik_The_Insane

    South West Regionals

    It's on 4bars rest as follows: 2005 West of England The list of the runners and riders has been released by the organisers for the forthcoming West of England Championships. The list of the competing bands and their MDs has...
  2. Nik_The_Insane

    mouthpiece help please

    Ooops, did I forget to say I play cornet ;)
  3. Nik_The_Insane

    mouthpiece help please

    I'm currently playing on a denis wick 2 mouthpiece and now feel that I could do with trying something bigger! I've had a search around and the only mouthpieces I can find with a bigger cup diameter are Schilke ones (they go up to 18.5mm as opposed to the 17mm I'm on now) but have a reduced...
  4. Nik_The_Insane

    Promotions / demotions

    "On it’s first grading a band will be given an average position for the previous two years in that section. The average position will be calculated by totalling the placings awarded and dividing by the number of bands competing in that section that year. The average position will be corrected to...
  5. Nik_The_Insane

    Ernest Lomas's vitriolic comment on 4br

    This was the case (6 month rule) but looking at the most recent release of the rules (dated Jan 04) it makes no mention of the 6 month rule. I'm about to email them o try and get some clarification on it. My mistake I was looking in the (BFBB) National Rules instead if the British...
  6. Nik_The_Insane

    Long model cornets

    As long as it is a cornet it is allowed, or that is the information I was given when I emailed the West of England regional committee asked if a Getzen long model sop would be allowed to be played in the areas. your best bet is to check with is running the show now, is it kapitol promotions...
  7. Nik_The_Insane

    Where did you first use your username?

    First used it on a little known email game called battlemail which has since fallen out of existance.
  8. Nik_The_Insane

    Dark thorne.....

    ok, clicked the link for you.
  9. Nik_The_Insane

    Eh up!

    Oops double post! Think the hampster powering our office server needs another break!
  10. Nik_The_Insane

    Eh up!

  11. Nik_The_Insane

    Bendix Kingswood Band

    Bendix Kingswood Band (1st section) based in Bristol are looking for players. Primarily Front and Back row cornets a Bb bass player and percussion players, although any players will be welcome with open arms and a big hug! Practice nights Mon and Fri 7:45 - 9:45 in Kingswood Anyone...
  12. Nik_The_Insane

    Accidentals on trills.

    I was always told a trill was to a semi tone higher so shouldn't it be f to f#?
  13. Nik_The_Insane

    Fuel Prices

    It would be fairer still if we were only paying 1 lot of tax on the fuel, instead of Purchase Tax and Value Added Tax. But no when purchase tax was replaced by VAT the didn't abolish it on fuel!
  14. Nik_The_Insane

    South West Grading Tables

    Thats how I had it figured but not having seen the official grading tables was looking for some conformation from someone who had. But then again Penzance haven't competed for 2 years so would be auto relegated, so does that mean that the next 2 highest averages scoring bands would go down...
  15. Nik_The_Insane

    South West Grading Tables

    Can anyone tell me how many bands were relegated from the 3rd to the 4th section section in the South West region please?
  16. Nik_The_Insane

    Winnie the Pooh has a few problems....

    sorry am i ment to read all of that??? far too much text there and no piccies!! :P
  17. Nik_The_Insane

    American Music

    forgive me for even suggesting it but....Cranberry Corners USA :twisted:
  18. Nik_The_Insane

    Anyone have the Results From Weston?.

    I see, no sign of Rebel Tuba on this thread then! :lol:
  19. Nik_The_Insane

    What do you do for a living?

    heh silly question...As little as possible :)
  20. Nik_The_Insane

    Banders and pubs!

    only trouble is it's a bit expensive in the Poacher Rach!