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  1. andreww

    Pdf band music

    Hi I’m trying to source junior level brass band music (flex-arrangements if possible) in pdf format which also have a backing track. I’ve seen the stuff on big shiny brass but I’m looking for something more pop for that the kids will enjoy. kind regards Andy
  2. andreww

    3rd Section Test Pieces

    I've really enjoyed working with the Once and Future King over the past month or so, just wondered what people's opinions were on their favourite 3rd section test piece.
  3. andreww

    Hawk Green Marple Band Vacancies

    We are a 3rd section brass band situated near Marple. We are currently looking for a handful of keen. dedicated players to complete our line up. Postitions available: 2nd Cornet, 3rd Cornet, Eb Bass, Bb Bass and Flugal. If you are intersted to come for a rehearsal to meet the band or...
  4. andreww

    Something for the Scots.....

    Just wondered if anyone can recommend a Scottish piece of music for brass band, the only ones I've come up with are Amazing Grace, Jamies Patrol and ahem Cock up Yer Beaver. Many thanks Andy x
  5. andreww

    Great North Run 2006

    Hi Everyone! I'm taking part in this years Great North Run, raising money for Asthma Uk. Being a music teacher that works with children with asthma I have seen the difficulties they face. I am part of a project taking place in the Oldham Music Centre which offers children with asthma the...
  6. andreww

    Sold/Expired Bach Omega Trumpet for sale

    I'm selling my student model trumpet on ebay because I finally purchased a strad whooo! This trumpet has served me well over the 5 years I've had it. Used it many orchestras, wind bands, live bands and shows. here's the link...
  7. andreww

    brass repair kits

    does anyone know of anywhere that sells screwdrivers etc specific for mending brass instruments???
  8. andreww

    Are there any decent christmas pieces???

    Ok, still only October I know but the festive period is nearly upon us again and I wondered if anyone knew of any decent christmas arrangements or pieces? We're championship section and I cant bear the thought of another year playing santa claustrophobia and festive overture! Merry Xmas all!!!
  9. andreww

    Whychaven Contest

    Evening all, Just sat here wondering what bands are competing next weekend. Drop us a line if you know!
  10. andreww

    130th Anniversary for Dobcross!

    Dobcross Silver is celebrating its 130th birthday this year with a gala concert in the Uppermill Civic Hall on the 4th of November. The band is asking for former players to come together for a reunion concert. We have had responses from as far as Spain and Switzerland from former players...
  11. andreww

    mossley contest

    our band found out tonight that this contest has been cancelled, any other bands that have entered dont need to turn up. ta andy