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  1. angie

    Cornet player available for dep work in South Wales

    You're more than welcome :) anytime although rather a trek to Gloucestershire! Well done on the solo again
  2. angie

    Sold/Expired Looking for cheap Flugel.. cheap as I can get, ideally between £200-300 although I'm not sure if this will get me a pile of rusty pipes or not!
  3. angie

    Sold/Expired Looking for cheap Flugel..

    Does anybody have a cheap Flugelhorn for sale?
  4. angie

    Cornet player available for dep work in South Wales

    Cornet player in Cardiff recently decided to go freelance and available to dep for South Wales/West of England bands or anywhere within reasonable travelling distance. Do not have own transport. Email or phone 07843092982.
  5. angie

    Mid Rhondda need cornets!

    We are a championship section band based in south wales, we are all lovely.... Cornets needed expecially but anyone welcome to come along Anyone interested please go to the website at there are details about the band and where to find us/how to contact us etc
  6. angie

    What's your worst blob?

    I missed a top C in a solo performance of The Debutante (was an audition) and instead of gracefully carrying on in the hope nobody would notice my little blunder I decided to utter the polite words 'oh crap'....which was by all accounts perfectly, audible to everyone including the...
  7. angie

    Registration Cards and Photos

    The pass the registration card game certainly is a great way to distract everyone from their pre-contest butterflies and fill the excrutiating boredom of waiting for the 4 bands in front of you ( usually giving a far worthier performance than your own band)... ...but it also means that you...
  8. angie

    Registration Cards and Photos

    Being all of about 9 years of age on my original registration card (all clad in my adorable primary school sweatshirt...) and after years of ridicule and hynena-esque laughing from anyone who was skillful enough to catch a glimpse of my photo...they finally stamped across my pic when I was...
  9. angie

    Ebbw Vale

    Hey Sarah!(take it that's you can't think of any other tiny timp players in Bury Port...) Mid Rhondda seem to be having an off year it would seem...ever since I took over on the end!Shame we weren't there though. Any more results yet? All I know is Ammanford
  10. angie

    Ebbw Vale

    Mid Rhondda not going unfortunately, not enough arses on seats
  11. angie

    Vacancies in Championship Section Band in South Wales

    Vacancies -cornets in particular- in Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda (championship section) based in South Wales. Anyone interested see
  12. angie

    Going to Florida

    well there's the obvious disneyworld (give 'its a small world' a miss though if i were you) universal's great too and the kenedy space centre if you are going anywhere near miami get a boat to the florida keys they are gorgeous and they do some fantastic boat trips.
  13. angie


    woohoo its such a satisfying moment when you finally manage to go 'daga daga daga' to your hearts content after months of 'dag a faf a gahhh!can't do it!' and various words that would be considered anti-social to post on this forum... :D congrats, now try the circular breathing...
  14. angie

    How Did You Do?

    7th in Wales Championship
  15. angie

    Applauding Bands in National Comps

    I was in Swansea and the clapping of Cory etc definately caused a stir. It's not about whether or not we can trust the judges to be impartial despite their knowing who is playing on stage- the fact is they shouldn't have to be put in that position. Its not fair to put that pressure on the...
  16. angie

    First rehearsal since the areas

    Our first rehearsal will be thursday (although I wont be there-I'll be at my thrilling uni choir rehearsal) No matter what music we play i know Tristan Encounters is going to come out of the end of my cornet as the piece is still and will for ever more be imbedded in my brain! :shock: must...
  17. angie

    Wales Region - Championship Section

    Just like to say well done to everyone who played in championship section on Sunday, we were dissapointed with 7th but it was by all accounts a very good contest. Unfortunately I didnt get to hear any other bands, seeing as we were drawn no.1, I was dutifully respecting the best of all banding...
  18. angie

    Blonde Moments

    I too have the habit of sending the wrong texts to people, if I write about them I nearly always send it to them...which in the case of my friend who was about to break up with his girlfriend,the message along the lines of: 'how did it go breaking up with her then?' inevitably got sent to the...
  19. angie

    Nybb members?

    ooooh this thread has been re-opened hiya helen and kate, and everyone in fact... does anyone know what the dates are for next years courses? is everyone going back this year? i've still got a year left if i want but not sure yet. x x x :? x x x
  20. angie

    Post Grade 8 Diplomas

    I did the Trinity Performer's Diploma, there wasn't that much difference in the syllabus with the ABRSM one but it was much less hassle and paper work etc. I would have had to go up to London to do ABRSM. Though ABRSM does have the advantage of letters after your name and it does get more...