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    Sold/Expired Sovereign Tenor Horn For Sale

    Interested Hi I live on the Surrey/Hampshire border (just outside Farnham) and maybe interested. I play solo horn with Friary Guildford band. Could you send pics to my email ( and where in Hampshire are you Thanks Nigel
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    Sold/Expired Sovereign Flugel on EBAY - Bargain!

    Change of instrument forces sale - see link to EBAY Auction ends Monday 7th March
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    Nomination: Best Username - tMP Intuition Award

    I nominate Accidental because she's the most accident prone person I've ever met in my life !
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    Friary Guildford 21st Birthday Party

    Sounds like you need to come and show him how its done Kirsty!!
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    Friary Guildford 21st Birthday Party

    Any takers? Its shaping up to be a great night, and the more the merrier!
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    Help - music notation software required

    You can get free basic notation software from Finale Notepad, ( but it doesn't use brass band instruments so you'd have to use the tippex anyway! Can't you just get another copy from the publisher?
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    The Bells of Peover

    I am as interested as Accidental as I absolutely do not believe Prof King (In the library with the candlestick) :wink: would miss such an obvious and glaring change from the printed copy. Hence I suppose the mystery......! I think its bigger than the Midsummer Murders...It could be even...
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    Yay Aveley and Redbridge!! Its great to see southern bands doing well.
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    The Bells of Peover

    Has anyone found out yet? Its confused our principal so much he played one note from each version the other day! And I'd love to know if wrong notes got past David King onto a recording! :shock:
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    Salvation Army Bandsmen&women Past&present

    I originally soldiered at Hastings with the rest of the family and was YPBL then went on to do many happy years banding as Solo Horn & Songster secretary and laterly bumper at Worthing SA - did 2 CD's with them and 3 tours. Then a divorce and I parted company with my uniform...but you never...
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    Tune Association Thread 2

    Wassail song
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    My PC shows 99 - nearly there!
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    Tune Association Thread 2

    Old [/b]Hund[b]redth (yep its a hymn, sorry ! )
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    best cornet player EVER!!!!!!!!

    First of all this is my first post so treat me gently. Secondly...I'm afraid this is another vote for David. My rationale is simple. In the banding world we do have icons - some of them temporary - who wow us with a performance either live or on CD.... these icons over my years of playing...