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    does any live near south harting near london? by any chance??? im feeling lost on tmp now because its all changed since the last time i was on, but its pretty cool compared to the last.
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    music music click on the link or paste it in and scrol down to the 4th one D.A.V.E The Drummer / Chris Liberator :: One Night in Hackney / One Night In a Village in Kent :: Stay Up Forever and click audio clip A P.S what do ppl...
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    What Tunes Do You Like At The Moment?? "Not Brass"

    Hey people What tunes are you listening to " not Brass " i quite like um Special D : come with me it just sounds cool 8) what do you like at the moment???
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    bbc one wales, just up your street

    who watched it??? richard harris from where i live was on there, he does things done the local club sometimes, results tonight at 10:45pm
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    Footballer's Wife$

    is it a hit or a miss, there are four options? one for the lads one for the ladies you have 2 choices. state y if u want. 8) i think its pretty umm juicey lol . :lol:
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    Has Anyone Got A Unicycle?

    i have one there not as hard as you think to ride, it took me a week, but can't juggle aswell that hard.
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    Gabba Tecno

    any1 listen to that music, maybe some of your partiers
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    Does Anyone Own A Scanner?? not pc one.

    i have one but ownly just got it back out again, doesnt anyone have one or still use one?
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    players needed cwmbran

    front and backrow cornets, and a trom, if interested, email on the site
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    Mountain Biking

    who likes to do a bit of moutain biking? yea i know " exercise" but it's all good. pic of my new frame
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    how many have we got 18 and under?

    please select what instrument u play. there seems to be too many older people and not enough young people
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    an invention that would help you,

    has anyone got an invention that would help you? something different i suppose.
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    " has anyone played a contest with there left hand&quot

    has anyone played in a contest using there other hand? well i have a contest coming up and i will have to use my other hand most probably until my other hand is better, but im doing alright.
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    I was wondering if any of the experienced Knowledged brass players moderators or members would like to put a quiz together sometime? i can't do it im 17 :cry:
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    Who owns their own instrument?

    how many of you have your own? i have my own horn had it brand, new besson sovereign now its 4-5years old , before that i had a sovereign my own aswell.
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    What instrument is the most popular

    What does everyone play?
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    Horn player looking for a band

    horn "player" looking for a band in the area
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    rehearsal room

    how many bands have your own rehearsal room? the band i play for does but some dont, so im just wondering??
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    Does any of the bands you play for people have sponsers?
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    Band Night

    when does your band practice what days???? mines tuesday and thursday. but we have changed a few times.