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    National Eisteddfod in Wrexham

    I can recall a band enquiring with the contest orgainisers about the use of trumpets a few years ago and were told very flatly - NO. Does anyone know if the rules have changed. Can't help thinking that if one of the other bands playing yesterday ( one in particular anyway), had used trumpets...
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    Passing of Peter Rowley, committed bandsman.

    Very sad to hear about Pete, a devoted bandsman and absolute gent ! Our thoughts are with Ruth and family. Nez, Joanne & Callum
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    Sold/Expired BESSON EUPH

    Besson Prestige euphonium for sale £2750 ono (no vat) call Neil on 07950957920
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    heavy valves

    Sorry, I must stress that the brasso goes on the INSIDE of the valve casing and not on the instrument itself.
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    heavy valves

    No, you do it once, the brasso cleans all the rubbish (that you can't see) and wax( that manufacturers put on valves) and once you've cleaned the polish off completely and oiled them they should be nice and free. I'm and engineer by trade so I know what I'm talking about. I might as well add...
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    heavy valves

    Try removing the valve and clean off any oil on them. Get some brasso polish and pour a small amount (but enough for a thin film) on to the valve. Replace valve in cornet work valve up and down for a few minutes. The valve will feel heavy and maybe sluggish. Remove valve and clean the polish...
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    Sold/Expired besson euph

    Selling it because my wife now plays baritone so we don't need it anymore
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    Sold/Expired besson euph

    Besson prestige euph for sale.(lacquered finish). This is probaly one of the best euphs in the country (even I sound good on it and I'm a cornet player !) This instrument would cost you well over £4000 new £2900 ovno Call on 07950957920 or p.m
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    Wrexham brass (NEWI)

    Wreham brass (NEWI). at Wrexham Memorial Hall, Sat 28th Feb at 7.30pm Conductor - Wayne Ruston
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    Sold/Expired Prestige euph

    wife moved from playing euph to baritone and wants to buy a bari
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    Sold/Expired Prestige euph

    8) For sale. Besson prestige euphonium (large bore).Surprisingly easy to blow. Laquered finish.Some slight marks on bell, otherwise exellent. £3000. pm or email to