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    World BB Championships 2005 in Kerkrade (NL)

    This seems to be turning into a bit of a farce. Who is really bothered about a World Championship? Turning into a free-for-all All England International by the sounds of it. Eikanger's invitation I can understand but Dyke? Surley Faireys have a better recent record, particularly where the...
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    How do you tell someone it's time to retire?

    I hear a top flight Bb Bass player was 'brassed off' when his band let him go via telephone a few years ago :wink:
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    Sold/Expired Phenomenal Brass CD for Sale (Dyke,B&R, ISB)

    I will certainly be bidding for it. B&R's performance was awesome that day
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    Does playing loud wreck brass bands?

    No, they are all playing for the superior Redbridge Band :wink: