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    Bandstand Performances

    Hi Folks Due to a late change in our programme we are looking for a good quality bandstand engagement in July / Early August 2008, Within 2 Hours of South Bucks So that would include amongst others:- South Midlands Gloucestershire Somerset Berkshire Hampshire Surrey Any...
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    Mission Statements

    Does your band have a mission statement and a set of Objectives? If so any thoughts on content would be gratefully received Thanks Ian
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    Capello's First Squad

    Well have to confess to feeling rather dissapointed with the squad, not much sign of a youthful new era. Ok one or two but same old strikers who have failed miserably in the past. No West Ham but not sure what Robert Green has to do..... What do we think?
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    Cornet Trio's

    Anyone got any ideas for Cornet Trios that are relatively new to the repetoire? Players are about third section standard Cheers
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    FA Cup - what to do if youv'e been knocked out?

    If your team has already been knocked out of the Cup what will you do this weekend instead?
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    International Staff Band - Maidenhead Sat 21st October 2006

    My friends at the Maidenhead Citadel Band have asked if I could post the press release below regarding the appearance of the:- International Staff Band St Lukes Church Maidenhead Berks Saturday 21st October 2006 7.00pm For tickets contact Roger Matkin 01628 478112...
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    The Hardest Promotion

    With the area peices now announced lots of bands will be in new higher section from January 2007, which do we think is the hardest promotion to handle and why? Fourth to Third Third to Second Second to First First to Championship
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    Sop Vacancy - South Bucks

    The Marlow Band has a full complement of comitted players (30) but alas no Soprano If your interested in joining a committed non contesting band that enjoys a wonderful location with a small but quality packed calendar then we could be just what your looking for. We also have a library full...
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    Seaside Bandstands & Audiences

    Hi folks, Couple of quick general questions if I may, Which coastal resorts have you found to be the best in terms of audience numbers listening to your performances on the bandstand? Whcih coastal resorts have the nicest bandstands? Thanks Ian
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    Marlow Band - Centenery Concert Saturday 6th May 2006

    the Marlow band is 100 years old this year and to start our summer of celebrations a special centenary concert is being held as follows:- Shelley Theatre Court Garden Complex Marlow Bucks Saturday 6th May 2006 7.30pm Special Guests: Maidenhead SA Band Tickets are priced at £10.00...
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    Funding the hard way

    Marlow Band celebrates its centenary this year and have a number of special events to commemerate our birthday. Our flagship event scheduled for 15th July 2006 has hit the buffers a little in terms of funding. The event costing in the region of £10,000 was earmarked to receive funding a...
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    Quartet Needed 25th Feb 2006

    Hi everyone, I have been contacted by a rather distressed lady who needs a brass quartet to play at a wedding in High Wycombe on Saturday February 2006 4pm - 6.30pm I am unable to help her but if anyone out there knows of anyone who maybe able to assist please pm on here and I can let you...
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    And They were Heroes

    Got invited to an SA rehearsal last night, and had a thoroughly entertaining 2 hours on music i'd never seen nor heard of before. One pearticular peice stood out called ''And They were Heroes'' by a chap called Cheney (James or John????) Based apparantly on 9/11 Superb music...
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    Marlow Town Band Centenary

    This year 2006 the Marlow Town Band Celebrates its Centenary. We have a number of ideas on how best to do this and at the moment 2 Centenary Concerts have been arranged for:- 6th May 2006 Shelley theatre Court Garden Marlow 15th July 2006 ''Proms in the Park'' Event Higginson...
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    Champions League Draw

    SURPRISE!!!!! Liverpool v TNS
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    I Dreamed A Dream - Horn Solo

    On the relatively old CD '' Come Follow The Band'' by the BNFL band there is an arrangement of I Dreamed A Dream for Tenor Horn Solo. Anyone know if this is still available? The sleeve says arranged Darrol Barry but so is the full band version we have Anyone help Thanks ian
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    Music from WW2 Era

    Hi Folks Does anyone know if the following peices are available anywhere as a single peice as opposed to part of a selection? We'll Meet Again White Cliffs of Dover Any Glen Miller Tunes Much appreciated Ian ps - Any other ideas welcome music a 4th section band can play please
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    England In America

    So then what have we learnt? Having watched both games there have been some plusses and minusses i guess. Plusses: Keiron Richardson's 2 goals - although I'm not totally convinced Michael Carrick - Excellent in that holding role can we have a midfield 4 of Carrick Lampard Gerrard and...
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    3rd/4th Section Concert Programmes

    Having just performed our annual Charity spring Concert to a full house I am interested to know what other 3rd/4th Section bands include in their concert programmes? I'm talking about an indoor (theatre / church ) full concert type event, and lets assume you have a free reign (no themes or...
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    Over rated footballers

    Whose the most over rated in English Football then? 1. Steven Gerrard - Liverpool - 9 out of 10 ''world class'' 50 yard passes never reach the target..... 2. C Ronaldo - Man Utd - Any defender with any sense will just wait and let him fiddle around with his leg kicks and then deposit him...