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  1. notsosilentbob

    WWII Music

    Indeed. Great piece. Really good blow for the basses and Bass Trom in particular :clap:
  2. notsosilentbob

    Paddy's North-West Area - 2011

    Congrats to all the qualifiers especially to Dave and all at Boarshurst! :clap::clap::clap:
  3. notsosilentbob

    Butlins 2011

    Agreed. They should take the now free Pontins slot! :biggrin: We have a very hectic Christmas and with the Area being pulled forward two weeks we decided to miss Butlins this year. Really enjoyed it last year as well.
  4. notsosilentbob

    What's your technique for quick mute changes?

    Tucked in behind the right knee and then a very quick right hand :D
  5. notsosilentbob

    Brighouse to recruit women

    Well Done to Laura :clap::clap: It was clear to me 10 years ago (Oldham Brass '97) that she was going to a special player. Nice big article and picture in todays Daily Mirror as well. ;) Hats Off :)
  6. notsosilentbob

    Armistice Day and marches

    To the Cenotaph; Slaidburn, True and Trusty, The Chieftain Back again; Death or Glory, Colonel Bogey, Standard of St. George. :) EDIT: Lou beat me to it. How was the carvery by the way?
  7. notsosilentbob

    Pontins go into administration.

    Pontins gone into administration Holiday camp company Pontin's has been placed into administration, the accountancy firm KPMG has said. The company, famous for its Bluecoats entertainers, currently runs five parks, all of which will...
  8. notsosilentbob

    Middleton Band Vacancies - Front Row/Flugel and Kit Percussion Required

    Middleton Band (see previous post for details) are on the look out for a Front Row Cornet Player and a Tenor Trombone. We have a busy schedule coming up but we are mainly looking for players who can commit to doing Preston contest and the North West Area contest next February. If you are...
  9. notsosilentbob

    The best bass trombone!

    In the past I've had an Edwards, a Conn, a Courtois (urgh!) and 2 Holton TR181's but my current Rath is by far and away the best bass trombone I've ever ever played. Recently moved to a Vincent Bach 1 and a quater G gob iron as well which has made it the perfect weapon of choice for me. All...
  10. notsosilentbob

    Take the hint?

    Agreed :clap:
  11. notsosilentbob

    Middleton Band Vacancies - Front Row/Flugel and Kit Percussion Required

    SEE AT THE END OF THE THREAD FOR MOST RECENT VACANCIES Middleton Band (North West Area 2nd Section) have a vacancy for a Principal Cornet. We are a very active band (just recently recorded a cd) in both the concert and contesting arena and we are looking for an ambitious player who wants to be...
  12. notsosilentbob

    Black Dyke's Grand Slam - 25 years on...

    Indeed. I've seen, heard of and partaken in far worse behaviour in my time in banding. And that was just one Pontins! ;) Nice to see him doing well anyway, whatever the clowns at The Dail Heil say.
  13. notsosilentbob

    Black Dyke's Grand Slam - 25 years on...

    Dougie was MD at my first Band (Cobden Chadwick). Top bloke and great conductor. Used to put the fear of God into me when I was 13 though :biggrin:. I've a lot to thank him for.
  14. notsosilentbob

    Hebden Bridge Brass Band March Contest 2010

    1st Overall; Best Hymn and Best Road March: Marsden 2nd Overall and Best Soloist: Middleton (whoop, go mighty Midd, go Hannah!:clap::tup) Best 4th Section: Boarshurst (Congrats to Dave, Keith and the gang :clap:) Not sure on the rest but Elland Silver and their youth band won a bunch of prizes.
  15. notsosilentbob

    Whit Friday Results

    Big congrats to Oldham Band (Lees). 5th overall (Saddleworth), so I've been reliably informed anyway ;) Hats off John and the gang.
  16. notsosilentbob

    Whit Friday in general

    Condolences to the family of the poor man who died at Greenfield, a real tragic event on what should be (and usually is) a joyous evening. As for the other rumour involving someone being 'shot' (I heard Lydgate but a host of other venues have since been put forward). Any confirmation on this or...
  17. notsosilentbob

    Tameside 2010

    Winning a local contest consisting of 4 bands by one point? Quick! Summon the guards! Man the lifeboats! What an outrage!! What a load of tripe more like :rolleyes:.
  18. notsosilentbob

    Tameside 2010

    2nd Section results: 1st: Oldham Band (Lees) 2nd: Uppermill 3rd: Dobcross 4th: Middleton Tyldesley didn't turn up.
  19. notsosilentbob

    Brass At The Guild 2010.. who's going?

    :clap::clap::clap::clap: And worded far far more diplomatically that I could manage, hats off Michelle.
  20. notsosilentbob

    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    I was about to post this Lou, great minds!! Thanks a lot, was it Holly? You did a great job :clap::clap::clap: