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  1. Phil Green

    Sold/Expired For Fodens or Leyland players

    Just found this on eBay - nothing to do with me I'd like to add. I remember the Fodens badges being like rocking horse stuff...
  2. Phil Green

    Dating the production of an instrument - more help needed please

    I posted this in the Classified section but despite help from Mr. Cattanach haven't managed to date production of the instrument. Any more help would be appreciated A friend of mine is selling her son's tenor horn - it's a round stamp Sovereign. She bought it second hand from Yardley's of...
  3. Phil Green

    Sold/Expired Dating a tenor horn

    A friend of mine is selling her son's tenor horn - it's a round stamp Sovereign. She bought it second hand from Yardley's of Birmingham (anyone else remember them?!) I've offered to put it on here for her but would like to try and date the horn (the production!) so as to be as accurate as...
  4. Phil Green

    In the Rotary (tuba) club

    As a kid, when I started learning brass as a 1st year senior, my first instrument was a Weltklang 3 valve euphonium. Sitting next to a 4th year with a frosted 4v B&H Imperial made me so jealous. However when said 4th year upgraded to a Sovereign I thought I'd die if I didn't get one of those...
  5. Phil Green

    Proper Bandsman

    I'd like to take the opportunity to use this forum and thank, on behalf of all at Sovereign Brass, Pav - a regular contributor on tMP. When I advertised for a percussionist here on tMP in May 2008 to help the band out at the Grand Shield, Pav PM'd me and offered his help if we were really...
  6. Phil Green

    Sovereign Brass Vacancies

    Sovereign Brass - West Midlands - Championship Section - Vacancies Edit: For current vacancies and contact details please see most recent posts Sovereign Brass (David Mapplestone) have a vacancy for a first class BBb player to start immediately. We rehearse on a Monday and Wednesday...
  7. Phil Green

    Cairns Brass

    Congratulations to all my friends in Cairns Brass Band. I noticed on 4BR that you'd won your section at the Australian Nationals in Brisbane and am over the moon that you did so so convincingly - 10 points I believe! I can only imagine how you all celebrated. Banding in Northern Queensland...
  8. Phil Green


    Just come back from a fantastic trip to Oz with the lovely people at Cairns Brass in Queensland. Look out for their forth-coming CD, released in September I think. After catching up on the posts on here (quite a few in 3 weeks) I'm still no clearer as to who the EFBB are, who they represent...
  9. Phil Green

    Four Outings

    Hi, I'm looking for a recording of Four Outings for Brass (Previn). I've found a CD on Amazon but dispatch is two weeks away and I'm off to Oz in one! Does anyone have this in mp3 format that I could "borrow" for use on my iPod until the CD arrives? Thanks in advance,
  10. Phil Green

    Band required for marching.

    I've been asked to help organise a band to march/walk around a local village on the day of their fete. The date is the 31st May (Bank Holiday Monday), the venue is Southam in Warwickshire (near Leamington Spa) and the fee is in the area of £400. Any band interested? Please PM me and I'll...
  11. Phil Green

    Fodens Richardson

    Fodens Richardson Band - Cornet & BBb Bass Edit: for current vacancies see most recent posts Fodens Richardson Band require First Class Cornets and BBb player Apply in strictest confidence by sending me a Private Message or contacting Mark Wilkinson at MarkLWilky@Hotmail.Com
  12. Phil Green

    Soveriegn Brass vacancies (Birmingham)

    Due to work/family commitments, we have vacancies in various sections of this Birmingham based Championship section band for dedicated, quality players. Contact: applicants in confidence to Andy Monk day time no: 01926-484088...
  13. Phil Green

    More Humour - Supposedly Peter Kay

    The wisdom of Peter Kay.......... and every one is true! 1) Triangular sandwiches taste better than square ones. 2) At the end of every party there is always a girl crying. 3) One of the most awkward things that can happen in a pub is when your pint-to-toilet cycle gets synchronised with a...
  14. Phil Green

    Contest Draws

    Funny things draws. Some of us believe that it's best, if you want to impress the judges, to have a "not so good" band before and after you. Others of us believe that if you want to be seen(!) or heard as quality you have to be heard amongst quality and so it's best to be drawn next to a top...
  15. Phil Green

    Fodens and David Daws

    Fodens are performing with ex-principal cornet of the ISB David Daws at Manchester Cathedral on Saturday 3rd May (this Saturday). If you haven't heard/heard of David, there's only one word for him - incredible. He makes most of the principal cornets with even the very best bands sound...
  16. Phil Green

    Sold/Expired 2 Besson 991 BBb Tubas for sale

    Both have lowered mouthpipes so ideal for smaller/younger players. Approx 15 years old, each play well and are currently in use by Championship section band. Both lacquered and complete with wheeled hard case. Both a snip at £1,500 each ono. Can be seen in West Midlands.
  17. Phil Green

    Sold/Expired Besson 981 Tuba for sale.

    Concert model. About 15 years old, plays extremely well. Recently completely disassembled and re-assembled by Mienl Weston in Germany, all dints removed and re-lacquered. Includes Besson hard case. Can be seen in Manchester area or Cheshire. Excellent buy at £2,000 ovno.