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  1. ronnie_the_lizard

    A-Z of "Couples"

    'Year of the Dragon' and overambitious trombonists?
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    Tune Association Thread 3

    >Harvester Food, Glorious (?) Food
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    John Lennon played the tuba...

    Ha..... been off-site for quite a while and came back, saw this thread and thought "Interesting - I wonder if anyone's found a video of Lennon playing Tuba".......only to find that Yes, they was me LOL
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    Bass, N Wales / N West, Championship/any

    Recently returned from exile down south and working odd night shifts so unable (at the moment) to commit to a permanent place, but available to dep for any section of band on EEb (with my own instrument), or anything up to 2nd section on BBb (you would need to provide the tubing) Depending on...
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    Age of EEb Bass

    ..... ummmmm..... yeah ..... but should be properly referenced / linked......... ;)
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    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Must admit I'm not coming from mainstream metrologist/ecologist direction, but I'm a veterinarian with a strong ecological perspective. As we stand at present, we could already lose most, if not all, amphibian species in the next 50-100 years as a consequence of altered disease...
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    Age of EEb Bass

    I agree totally with your dating - just that in your (initially quoted) list things were ambiguous. From your current reference: " The British arm of the French company Besson was bought up by Boosey & Hawkes in the 1940s, and the name was retained for many Boosey & Hawkes brass...
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    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Climate change is real. Despite the current cold spell in the UK, this year is again probably going to be globally one of the hottest 3 on record (balance our cold spell with the fatal heatwaves/forest fires/flooding etc that have occurred elsewhere). The exent of human involvement in...
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    Age of EEb Bass

    Hi Ian, Long time no see, Not absolutely certain about Brassneck's calculations (but probably agree). His 1981 comes from the combined 'Brass' and 'Reed' numbers from Boosey, but according to his quoted Besson chart it should be pre-1952, but this seems ridiculous given the dimensions of your...
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    Dyke, how would you do it?

    Hmmmmm..... Mortality, even if not experience, suggests that eventually that statement will not be true....
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    Extreme Brass Banding: Most number of contests in one day!

    Having checked the LBBA site, I see you didn't even enter ALL the sections at the contest - you could have found an 'unregistered band' from somewhere. What a poor effort. Try harder next year.
  12. ronnie_the_lizard

    Extreme Brass Banding: Most number of contests in one day!

    The "Competing in all the sections" may be a first, BUT does conducting count? Lots of people have conducted several bands at contests, with Fred, Alex and Harry Mortimer each regularly taking 3 bands to the Open or the Finals. According to THIS SITE , Alexander Owen took 6 bands to the...
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    PBone - The Plastic Trombone

    Or for beginner kids one with rough slide positions mapped out in different colours?
  14. ronnie_the_lizard

    Cold and Stiff fingers

    Black silk runner's gloves, 2 layers if needed.
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    The Poll against Trolls

    Oh no they're not ......... ;)
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    Saliva - uses.

    Sorry to disillusion you, but the majority of the stuff you've collected is not saliva at all - it's just water that has evaporated off the surface of your lungs and then condensed when your warm breath hits the cold metal - it's the same stuff that makes your breath into little clouds on a...
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    PBone - The Plastic Trombone

    Although it looks an interesting 'kids band' idea, presumably if you dropped one of these it would crack, and be unrepairable, unlike a dent which just adds character to your tone......
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    Paddy vs $hytalk: The Challenger

    I did wonder about that early in the thread: Reading that, $hytalk would indeed be winning on £124 (BUT all $hytalk really had to do was walk away with his (generously donated) £100 stake money and he had already won.......) I assumed the contest was really either: 1) Use the £100 as...
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    Whats happening at Dyke. Brett gone??

    But we're discussing part of the reason that Brett has been busy with non-Dyke activities - exactly what the thread title says !!
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    Whats happening at Dyke. Brett gone??

    Do Cory actually claim to have the premiere recording? If not, where is the problem? If this wasn't so far off topic Mr Sparke himself might be reading and offer a comment. {Oooops - edit note added due to being far too slow writing my post LOL} Aaaah .... BUT the Baker CD has 11 tracks...