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  1. BassBlaster

    2012 National Youth Brass Band Championships

    Just thought I would post a result: Junior Band Section RNCM Concert Hall Adjudicators: John Doyle and Sheona White 1. Chalford (Steve Tubb) (Gold) 2. Fred Longworth High School (Helen Robinson) (Gold) 3. Stockport Schools Intermediate (Tim Dines) (Gold) Band with Most Potential...
  2. BassBlaster

    Weston-Super-Mare Contest 2012

    Right, Paddy Flower Predictions please, when all the entries are in :), but first, Who is going? Chalford are playing in the Open Section.........Not allowed to say which piece, because we don`t know yet, its an own choice. So when Posting leave out piece of music!!.
  3. BassBlaster

    Torquay 2011, SWBBA

    Which bands are playing ?. Can`t find a thread anywhere, though I know I have seen the open section line up. Chalford (us) Aldbourne Lympstone St Dennis ummmm can`t remember any more!. Does Paddy have the odds?. Not the music please it is open section :). I am really looking forward...
  4. BassBlaster

    West Of England 2011

    Wow, just come back from band, playing Le Carnival Romain. Really enjoyed it, I couldn`t believe how much music is inside the whole piece and anyone who just turns up thinking it`s going to be easy will have a shock. Now I have played this many times, but never really played it if you know...
  5. BassBlaster

    I`m Back

    Yahoo, i`m going to my first rehearsal in 2 years, Thursday evening, with the 1st section pontins champions, Chalford. Hope I don`t split any notes oooeeeer, 2 years without playing and only 1 weeks practice, mind you being a BBb bass no one will notice, will they?.
  6. BassBlaster

    I`m on Holiday.

    Right, I am on holiday, I live in Gloucestershire, what can I do for the next 7 days until I go back to work?.
  7. BassBlaster

    West of England, need cornets, and 2nd trom

    Wotton band need a few cornets and a tenor trombone, we are a west of England 3rd section band, with a gorgeous bass section. see our website at and join our happy band.
  8. BassBlaster


    The great Wotton Under Edge and District Silver Brass Band require of this moment, a triangulist, also proficent in Principal cornet, and or front row cornet player. There are also chairs for a 2nd Trom and EEb bass, if I can`t get Brian back. We are a friendly Temperence band who like a...
  9. BassBlaster

    Brilliant Rehearsal!!!!

    I`ve just come back from a brilliant rehersal with my band Wotton, some nights you could just play past pub closing and beyond. I played with a first section band last week in a park job, but it wasn`t a patch on the playing tonight, we are only a 3rd section band. Isn`t it strange, I have...
  10. BassBlaster

    Sold/Expired Traditional Sewing, Embroidered Garments for your band

    Traditional Sewing is a Gloucestershire based company, selling all types of embroidered garments to your specifications. For your band we will supply, Stand banners, Embroidered ties, bow ties, Shirts, Trousers, embroidered polo shirts, t-shirts and much more. In fact anything your organisation...
  11. BassBlaster

    Anyone have the Results From Weston?.

    No I havent got the results from Weston, but has anyone else, please :) .
  12. BassBlaster

    Lydney Band, Gloucestershire - vacancies

    Edit: latest vacancies towards the end of the thread :) Hello everybody, Our band Lydmet Lydney needs a couple of cornet players to take us to the area next year, Tristan Endeavours is a piece of music that requires someone who can play quite well, my wife who is bumper up says we need at...