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    Sacrificing TMP was worth it!!!!

    As some of you long standing members may recall many moons ago I used to be an active member of tmp but made the decision to prioritize and sacrifice my constant browsing for the success of my education. So despite: holding down two part-time jobs (learning support in a prison and at a...
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    School Dinners Dissertation

    Hi All I'm now in my third and final year of my Psychology degree and my individual project (dissertation) is based around school dinners. I am looking at children's attitudes towards healthy eating and then seeing if their attitudes are reflected in their behaviour (by monitoring what they...
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    Win Tickets To Big Brother Final Eviction

    Hi All, There's a distinct possibility that on Thursday afternoon I will have tickets to Big Brother's final eviction night. I have a friend who works on the production team and some how I keep randomly winning competitions for VIP tickets to eviction night. Every time I have won them I have...
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    What is more powerful than God?

    I'll give you a clue: The poor have it and the rich want it! ???
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    Taking A Sabbatical

    Hi Guys, Well this is the last you'll see of me on tmp until early May! :? I'm now starting to realise the importance and value of the second year work that I'm doing for my degree. I want to succeed and as I finish in approx 8 weeks I'm making the committment to dedicate myself to lots of...
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    Evidence the humans learn in the womb

    Hello fellow tmp members, I am currently writing an essay that asks me to examine evidence that suggests that humans learn in the womb. I have to specifically concentrate on recent evidence and research (last 5 years). I do have quite a bit of material already but though that I'd post here...
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    What Does Your Perfume Say About You

    Having had a bizarre conversation regarding this area - I thought I'd open it out to you tmp'rs. I like a variety of different perfumes but flavour of the month for me is Miracle by Lancome and I think that depicts me perfectly! So what does your perfume say about you?
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    Forget Kari - Just call me Kerry!

    During the recent ITV production 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' my husband immediately likened me to Kerry. We're both 23, both got 2 children, both got big gobs, both got blonde hair, both spent time in foster care, both got big b**bs and my husband believed that some of our mannerisms...
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    Wed 11th Feb 2004 6pm BBC2

    Look out on BBC2 at 6pm on Wednesday 11th February - I think you may spot someone you know :wink:
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    Do you ever forget a birthday?

    Many of you may have come across this already, or if you're even luckier some kind tmp member may have already shared it with you. However just in case none of the above has happened - I thought I'd do the honours. It's a website that you can register on free of...
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    Were you a born a performer - nativity play?

    Well it's the festive season and I'm sure many of you parents have proudly watched their children perform in their school nativity plays. I had a thought - were you a born star? Did you perform at an early age in your school nativity play - get voting. BTW - I've estimated that there will...
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    What do you really know about mince pies?

    In the hustle and bustle of a very commercialised xmas - I wonder how many people spare a thought for the true meaning of xmas. Here's my contribution (and there's plenty more where this came from - learned as a mother trying to express xmas in a non-comercialised way to her children). Did...
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    So What Do You Do For New Year??????

    Having read the thread about a potential tmp New Year social, I was just wondering what fellow tmp's usually do for New Year?
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    Please help Miss Rebello

    Hello Good Natured TMPers :D I'm sure many of you have heard of Simone Rebello, well in case you didn't know I am best friends with her youngest sister Paola and on behalf of Paola, I have a request to make of you all. The local radion station Beacon FM has been running a competition for...
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    Things To Do During Half Term

    Dear Parents, This half-term we have attended Walsall Illuminations for the first year. It's based off junction 10 on the M6 and I would like to highly recommend them. They actually close on November 2nd. A family ticket only costs £15 and that includes 2 adults and 2 children. It is based...
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    It's germ time again!

    Is it just me or is ther an epidemic of flue (if you're male) and colds (if you're female) doing the rounds? It started at Wem approximately 2 weeks ago at Wem and since then they've been dropping like flies - sufferers are even permitted to miss rehearsals for fear of infecting others. I have...
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    Most Unusual Band Engagement

    Now Im sure that someone somewhere must have raised this as a topic before but since I've been a memeber (April) I do not recall there being any postings - so forgive me if this is repetition! What is the most unusual band job that you have ever participated in? Mine has definitely has got to...
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    TMP Classifications

    Could someone please inform me of the various tmp classifications. I was once a tmp newbie, I then became a friend in training, I'm presently a friend - what will I be next?
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    21st June - do you know that that date is??????

    HARRY POTTER!!!! Yes guys it's the release date for the publication of the 5th Harry Potter book, and also Wem Jubilee Band have a concert too! More impressively, the very talented and organised Roger Thorne has secured an arrangement of Harry Potter. Wow - what a compere link! I actually...
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    Methods of Mass DISTRACTION!

    Hello Fellow tmp members, I've got to let you into a little secret! Tonight after a two hour rehearsal, an elderly male player from a section of the band went to a young female of the same section of the band and said "do you have a broad mind?". The female player in question replied "well if...