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  1. brassneck

    Beethoven -- Good Transcriptions?

    Jim, I've sent the amended score/parts to your email address.
  2. brassneck

    Beethoven -- Good Transcriptions?

    Something I put my pen to a while back … BRASS BAND - Allegretto from Symphony No.7, Op.92 - Download PDF file
  3. brassneck

    Bass Mouthpieces

    Giddings & Webster is my choice of mouthpiece for the Yamaha Maestro 632 tuba, and prefer both the Matanuska (for a clear, defined sound) and the Taku (more overtones, but a slightly richer sound that can be successful on BBbs as well). I recently bought a 2nd hand Sovereign 982 and both work...
  4. brassneck

    Band Cymru - S4C TV band contest

    Job well done! Cory played a blinder. You must feel elated! :clap:
  5. brassneck

    Russian Dance, Bohme

    Only one I know of is recorded by Roger Webster ...
  6. brassneck

    Cornet high register

    I'm a great believer in airsteam direction. Check out this guy's videos ...
  7. brassneck

    Fife Charities Band Association Contest 28th Sept

    Thanks, Paul! :tup Psalm 130 from the 1650 Scots Psalter ... commonly known as the tune "Martyrdom" and sung to the words of "Out of the Depths"
  8. brassneck

    Open adjudication - bbc news article

    It's only a tiny look at what should be the bigger picture. In my final honours year studying experimental psychology, I took four different studies that used similar data and extended them because each of their conclusions were very different. Their results were correct, but inferences very...
  9. brassneck

    Open adjudication - bbc news article

    That's another issue! If a wider range of ability was used in the test samples, the results would be significantly different.
  10. brassneck

    Open adjudication - bbc news article

    Let's look at the design of the study. Snippets of top 3 performances from various prestigious International competitions. What if we did a brass band equivalent & let professional musicians and the public decide on identifying the winners? There would be very little to distinguish them from a...
  11. brassneck

    Horn Solo suggestions (Urgent)

    This is the only recording I could find ...
  12. brassneck

    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.

    Only from anyone who made the effort to record the broadcast.
  13. brassneck

    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.

    Black Dyke were recorded by the Beeb at this year's RNCM Festival of Brass & it was broadcast on Radio 3 a little bit later.
  14. brassneck

    areas 2014

    Great bass parts, especially 2nd movement! I would welcome it's return to the contesting arena.
  15. brassneck

    Practice valves

    I had my annual check up at the hospital yesterday and the hand surgeon is going to trial the use of them for remedial and rehabilitation purposes.
  16. brassneck

    Practice valves

    Because the handgrips tend to be sold with different resistance values, it might become an expensive hobby buying them at £12 a pop. The Varigrip is adjustable, so it serves as a good starting point, although I would rate the resistance as light to medium. The eBay link above is probably the...
  17. brassneck

    Practice valves

    I had a serious wrist break which affected finger strength and this worked a treat ... Planet Waves Varigrip Exerciser
  18. brassneck

    Capriccio Italien (Broadbent), Senior Cup

    There was an errata sheet announced last week, mainly for euph. The publishers state that there are no more errors ... ;)
  19. brassneck

    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.

    That would be interesting, although I think Nigel Clarke should now be given his chance.
  20. brassneck

    National finals 2013 test piece rumours.