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    Bands and politics

    Awww gawd i were only askin fer a fwiend...
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    Bands and politics

    Should bands accept money from anybody / organisation even if they are short of cash? Just come across an article on a far right website and it shows one of the countries top bands accepting £500 from the BNP. The article is from 2011 but is still there on Google for all to see. I just wondered...
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    Pleasley Colliery Band ( battle of the Bands contest) June 23rd

    Pleasley Colliery Band req 2/3 front row cornet players for the forthcoming Battle of the Bands Contest at Staveley on June 23rd. We can borrow from 4th or 3rd section. Please contact me on 07967517136 if you can help. Nick Harris
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    NEMBBA - Contest Feedback

    Hi Brian, how can you get to be involved with NEMBBA?
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest or 75 bestwood road, Hucknall , Notts NG15 7Pt
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    Marsden Hymn and March Contest

    Has anybody got any contact details for the above Contest?
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    Pulling in Professional players from other countries to help win an area contest

    I think some of the posters on this thread need to find facts out before writing. The band that is being refered to tried everything to solve this problem but had no option. Anyway well done Allan Ramsey and Lochgelly!!
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    Petrol prices mean giving up band ?

    Has anyone thought that through higher fuel charges ,local bands might benefit as players who travel a long way to play with a "named band " might stop in their Area thus making that Area stronger.?
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    Porthouse to lead Thoresby Colliery.

    The Thoresby Colliery Band are pleased to annouce that Ian Porthouse will be leading them at the forthcoming Midlands Area Contest. Ian is regarded as being one of the best in the business and the band are delighted to be working with him. Exciting times are ahead and the appointment comes hot...
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    Couold you send me details please . brigharris
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    Brass band manager's role

    Why would you put a paid employee on the Committee? ie Musical director?
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    Bolsover 2010

    Kippax came 7th.Full results will be on 4 bars rest later. As event manager at the village hall and then up at the Post mill i would like to thank everyone for attending and participating. I agree that maybe the venue at the village hall might have been a squeeze and we are activley looking into...
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    English Nationals 2010

    Why do you say that Bayerd??? Do you know something we dont at Brighouse? If you are going to come out with statements like that and name a specific band please back it up with some solid evidence.
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    Miners Gala 2009 - Who's going

    Your right . As one of the last deep mines left in Britain we will be there with the Maltby Colliery NUM Banner. If you see us come and say hi . I wil proudly be holding the banner. Nick Harris Brighouse and Rastrick and Maltby NUM Branch secretary
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    English Nationals Test Piece 2009

    Can't understand whats wrong with the question. Its a theoretical question. The trouble is with some of you on here is that you like to think everything in brass bands is great. The thing is it isn't. There are so many things that go on in this movement that in the "real world" wouldn't be...
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    Best 3rd/4th Section Players

    Principal cornet at wellington (Telford). Dont know what her name is.
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    Free the hove edge one !!

    Comrades. I call upon you to join our struggle and help free our fallen comrade Hove Edge. His only crime is to speak freely on the Grimethorpe debate and for this he has been banished to the internet abyss. He is now sat at home distraught,depressed and fearful of the future...
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    Shock big-name departures at Grimethorpe

    Does this mean that Hove Edge will be allowed back on?
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    Shock big-name departures at Grimethorpe

    I like to clear a few things up as my blood is boiling.I never slag lower section bands off because they are the lifeline of banding and that is where i started but to be honest some of the comments on here are so far of the mark its untrue. At Brighouse we put a lot of god damn hard work into...