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    Bands in Glasgow?

    I've just started Glasgow University and am looking to continue my playing up here, useful as I am doing a music degree! I play cornet to about grade 8 standard. I've played in brass bands for several years and would love to continue playing and contesting. If anyone knows of any bands...
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    University Options......

    hi, just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom when contemplating the stupidly large number of universities, all offering what seems to be the same music course!! i'm getting to the stage where putting a list of the courses into a hat and pulling them out at random which i've been told is...
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    happy xmas

    won't be on for a while now school has broken up and the exams are looming!!!! v scary. jus thought id say happy xmas n happy new year
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    All England

    anyone here going to the all england masters this year?? :guiness
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    brass in concert

    if any one here played at the brass in concert championships in spennymoor, county durham, can i just say well done. every band played really well. unfortunately i did not here kirkintilloch but from what i haerd outside they were really good. it was really great and i hope anyone there had a...
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    i'm currently in year 11 at school (im 15) and i want to do music as a career. i've played in brass bands for about six years but my teacher wants me to play trumpet (as well) i play on a denis wick 4 mouthpiece on my cornet and my trumpet mouthpiece is a yammy 16c4gp, does any one know what the...