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  1. jimothy

    Petrol prices mean giving up band ?

    Has anybody thought about learning how to drive more economically? The AA will tell you that most drivers can save between 10 and 15 percent on their fuel costs. I am a driver trainer and I can help you to save, in most cases, over 10% on your fuel costs. You know it makes sense.
  2. jimothy

    Hebden Bridge Brass Band March Contest 2010

    But you shimmied so beautifully.
  3. jimothy

    Rhyl Festival of Brass 28/6/09

    United C-operatives 2000 Brass, perhaps?
  4. jimothy

    Film Music

    Dare I say that that is not strictly true. If I were a pedantic person ( which I am not), it was your fiance that commissioned Darrol Barry to do the arrangement, because he must have commissioned it before the wedding. I'll ge me coat :D
  5. jimothy

    Lower Section Test Pieces for the Nationals 2006 Announced

    I just downloaded it too. When are other record companies (Doyen etc) going to allow us legal downloads?
  6. jimothy

    [Results] NEMBBA Association Contest

    I don't :biggrin:
  7. jimothy

    [Results] NEMBBA Association Contest

    Can I make a correction to the very first post on this thread with the results please? Crewe Co-op won the prize for the best bass section, not the best bass player as stated.
  8. jimothy

    [Results] NEMBBA Association Contest

    An excellent days banding today. This contest is always a good run-out for the area test piece. I can't understand why more bands don't make the effort to enter.
  9. jimothy

    Besses staying up?

    There is a rumour circulating the Besses have successfully appealed against their relegation to the first section. Does anyone have any facts about this?
  10. jimothy

    Prediction Competition!

    27th April 2006
  11. jimothy

    File sharing request - edited

    There is an excellent performance of this by Edited - see below Buy it, you'll like it.
  12. jimothy

    Black Dyke 150th anniversary concert

    The concert was simply fantastic. It opened with Queensbury - what else? We also heard Peter Graham's Journey to the Centre of the Earth. An excellent piece and very well played. James Morrison was simply awe-inspiring. I'm not really sure what purpose the dancers were meant to serve...
  13. jimothy

    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : June 2005

    I'd like to nominate Crewe Co-op's website.
  14. jimothy

    More Options... tMP releases another User style

    These recent changes do nothing, so far as I can see, to add value to the site. They just seem to make it more difficult to navigate your way around. I, for one, will be using the site less often than I have in the past because I just don't have the time to spend trying to find out how the site...
  15. jimothy

    bitter sarcasm or pragmatic embrace?

    Presumably then Cwmaman don't want amyone who is currently playing for a band anywhere in the world to leave that band and join Cwmaman. Obviously Cwmaman are going to do the decent thing and train a new player who currently knows nothing about banding or music? Sauce for the goose.....
  16. jimothy

    Whats the best CD you;ve heard this year?

    Just sorting out my ever expanding CD collection and wondered which CD people most like amongst those published this year. I have to say that the music on the Regionals 2005 CD includes some great pieces (a shame that some of the playing could be better). The Trumpets of the Angels includes some...
  17. jimothy

    3rd section results

    Full results now in:- 1. Hoover Bolton, 187 2. St. Dennis, 185 3. Lockwood, 184 4. United Coop 2000, 183 5. Stamford Brass, 182 6. Boarshurst Silver, 181 7. Sandhurst, 180 8. Shirland Welfare, 179 9. West Mercia Constabulary, 178 10. Jedforest, 177 11. Royal Buckley, 176 12...
  18. jimothy

    4BarsRest Comments On Third Section

    Did you say 4BR LIVe comments? 4BR report that the third section was due to start at 09:30 and at 3:15 they have still only managed to post "live" comments on the first 12 bands. Surely the section must be finished by now? It's been nearly 6 hours! I also wonder who taught the 4BR people to...
  19. jimothy

    Can you help me find these books?

    I can only suggest you try they helped me find a couple of obscure books and a Black Dyke CD that the guys at Queensbury couldn't help me with.
  20. jimothy

    Sold/Expired Brass Band Photos - North West England and North Wales

    Alex, you should have received a PM with my contact details by now. I believe you have a rehearsal in the UK on Thursday night, so just in case you haven't received my PM, my brother Keith (3rd cornet) is going to give you my card.