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    How brass players do it!

    i think its Charles Colins "Advanced Slur and Lip Flexibilties" that your thinking of maybe ???
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    World of Brass - customer service

    :) Suppose it would!! Its going to Scotland!
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    World of Brass - customer service

    how many days does it normally take for delivery of cds ?
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    West Of Scotland

    Thanks Thanks for the info! Was a bit surprised about coalburn coming third but well done to them!
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    B&S Challenger Elaboration trumpets

    ? Just out of interest, who was the trumpet player that recommended them ?
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    West Of Scotland

    Does anyone have the full results for the West of Scotland Contest held yesterday ? I heard that Barrhead won with Clydebank following a close second! Welldone to both bands
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    North East Championship Band Requires Players!

    ! U still havent said what band it is ?
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    Silent Brass

    Normans is quite cheap aswell! last time i checked!
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    Scottish Area - Championship Section

    well done! well done co-op! it was well deserved :lol:
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    Your first ever contest piece?

    I think my first was Tintagel at the scottish championships! Does anyone remeber this ? I cant remember who it is by!
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    BandRoom Injuries

    he he! all these posts are making me laugh! :lol:
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    Favourite Hymn Tune?

    I love Lord and Father. Cant remember who arranged it!
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    Scottish Championships

    predictions Championship ----- Whitburn/Scottish Co-Op 1st Section ----- Johnstone ? 2nd Section ----- Clydebank Thats my predictions anyway! :D
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    Your thoughts please

    ???? Let us know when you decide!!!