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    Congratulations John

    Whoop whoop! Parentals are on the way there as we speak to have a look, sure it is fabulous! xx
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    Novel Social Idea - Camping! (NW/Yorks)

    Yey camping! We should go to the lakes... Bowness would be great fun! (loads of pubs!)
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    University Degrees

    YEY! Thank you everybody for your loveliness, I'm positively rosy cheeked! I'm still alive, I've just been 'working' (unpaid...boooo) so haven't had a computer to play with. Well done to everybody else too, I'm sad it's all over, I don't like this getting up early lark one bit...
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    Sorry, going to deviate off-topic momentarily...I only went and walked right past the Ross Kemp-meister himself yesterday after writing about him!!!!!! (unfortunately wasn't that hot, he looked more than a little bit 'stocky' dreams are shattered) Jeremy is therefore promoted in my...
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    Any journalists out there??

    Have just read the itineray for the Prague course and one day we are lectured on how to cope in war zones......eek!!
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    Any journalists out there??

    Well good news folks, have been accepted onto a foreign correspondent's course in Prague for ten days this summer... work experience and dumplings, what more can a girl want!! Just need to polish my bullet proof vest and I'm off to the war zones. Still a bit undecided between war and fashion...
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    Any journalists out there??

    Just finished my degree on Friday and now I'm entered into the wonderful world of unemployed... Big plans are to be a high flying foreign correspondent, but to start with I need to build up my journalistic portfolio. Shamelessly, I come to the tmpers to see if any of you wonderful people are...
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    My vote goes to Jeremy Clarkson, something strangely alluring!! I was lucky enough to get in the audience for the very short lived 'Richard Hammond' show, and he really is minature, and orange, and his teeth are so white they're almost blue!! (ducks to avoid the abuse from the appreciators)...
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    tMP - Whit Friday - Questions & Discussion

    Ooo yey, I'm excited now. Finally emerged from the world of exam torture, degree done, now unemployed, brilliant!! Whit friday's here we come. Hope the march down tune is some quality cheese? ? any clues anyone? xx
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    tMP - Whit Friday - Questions & Discussion

    Yey, sounds like it is almost going to be a reunion of our room at Pontins... just need those boys to stop being rubbish and get involved!!
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    tMP - Whit Friday - Questions & Discussion

    Hoping to come again this year, just awaiting the dreaded exam timetable coming through then it'll be all systems go! (Plus me and Caz have a wedding to go to the next day so we can make a weekend of it!)
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    Nip & Tuck! Would You Consider It?

    I think that plastic surgery can be great in the context that Brasscrest is talking about but I have issues with it for purely cosmetic reasons. I can see the temptation ,which I probably too will get, but the problem as I see it is where to stop. If you look at Madonna now, I'd hazard a...
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    What's your specialist subject?

    I vote rapier as winning the interesting job competition so far... wow! Job: Student Qualifications: Degree in Politics and East European Studies (almost finished, touch wood) Key Subjects In Your Job - Learning lots of stuff about East European politics, that is fascinating but probably...
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    Songs with your name in...

    Pretty sure no-one has written a song with Elin in!
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    What would you miss?

    Whenever I go away I miss cheese... I know you can get cheese abroad, but it never tastes the same, unless you're in France then it is even better! In japan however, the 'mature cheese' tastes like rubberised dairylea..yuk!
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    Winter Olympics

    Woohoo to our bob skeleton girl though... she must have some serious balls to do that! Not quite winter olympics, but did anyone see dancing on ice when David Seaman dropped his girl on her chin! ..... ouch
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    Nestle Children's Book Prize 2005

    How about with the little people, get them to split into groups and give each group one of the books, they then have to do a little presentation explaining what the book was about and try and convince their class mates that theirs was the best!
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    £100 to raise before Roger will play Zulu!!

    I hereby pledge 5 of my precious pounds! Are we allowed to try and put them off and make them talk?!
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    To shuffle or not to shuffle....

    There is also always the risk that you'll be getting really, really into something Bon JOviesque and probably doing a bit of shoulder dancing, then the mood is somewhat pin *****ed when it skips to something classical..... hmmm a tough one
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    Ahhh the fishbowl...... We have 'five second suck-offs!' heads down for concentrated drinking, before stopping and nursing the behind the eye pain from the stupid amount of ice they always add.