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    Pontins No More?

    Does this mean pontins aint happening?
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    moat house - harro

    any one on tmp with the other band that is staying in the moathouse hotel this weekend at harrogate , just curiouse really :-)
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    Eye Level

    Is It Me, or is eye level also a christmas tune- played it at a 10 piece job last weekend and was confused to why were playing it in mid summer
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    Broken Tv Channels

    about 20 past 12, late i know, but all my channels on each tv (all on different arials) have just dissapeard at the same time, even when i try tuning it ploughboy seems to be having the same problem anyone else? what on eath has happened, ufo's mabey?
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    Logging off

    As of to day, every time i've come onto the site, its logged me off ( i havn't changed it to do this or anything), but when i do log on its loosing all the new posts , making it alot slower to check posts, is this happeneing to anyone else? or is it just me? if so, any way of fixing it...
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    food mistakes

    Just had cheese on toast, for the first time strangely enough heard that lea and perrings was really nice on it, but had none so i used what i THOUGHT was similar, splashed a load on sat down to enjoy, my head nearly blew off! how was i to know Tobasco was hot!!!!!! :guiness (looking at...
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    Weird euph How would you hold that monster? never seen anything like it
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    Its Been Nagging Me!

    Right, I've noticed on some bands sites and other places that it says they are, say : a 3rd section band locally and 2nd section nationally (or which ever way round). How does this work out - I just don't understand - how can you be in two sections. :S I'm Sure someone can clear this up...
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    Social In Hudds? Maybe?

    Who would be up for a social in the beautiful :roll: town of Huddersfield? Instead of Manchester all the time :P And any suggestions as to when? (Just generally as in this month or next etc.) Don't really know hudds :guiness'in wise - so tell us the best places! 8)
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    Weird Noise on my PC! Any ideas?

    My Computer keeps making funny noises at me, through the speakers its sounds like a camera phone when you take a picture (well some of the camera phones) Could it be a programme running in the background or somthing?, i havn't a clue! any idea? Cheers
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    Sold/Expired 4 Valve Besson Sovereign Baritone Wanted - Mabey

    well thats it basically if any one has one in good nick they might want to sell or know the best place to get one - new mabey! thanks
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    Paintballing + Social

    Mr. Cornet King and I were discussing the idea of a tMP paint-balling session - most preferably in Yorkshire I don't know if this would be feasible but it sounds like a great idea - and naturally there would be a 'social' afterwards :guiness me and CK have never done it so we don't...
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    Concert - Cafe style!

    Just got back from a concert with my band at Morley town hall - the audience were sat around tables and half way through the 1st half they brought out food (snacks - sausage rolls etc.) which at that point we went onto lighter music whilst they ate, and started the concert again properly in the...
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    some more pics from CiN

    a couple of pics from the EVENT not very many on, but may get more on later thank you lynda (imamaddude) for the web space
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    What Happened To The tMP Weekly Soap?

    Thats it really
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    Yorkshire Area Results 2003?

    Can Anyone Tell me or know were to go for the 3rd section results for the yorkshir areas this year? cn't find them anywere
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    concert programs - how many pieces?

    just wondering how many pieces bands on avrage had in thier programs because the guest conductor we got for the weekend was shoked at how many peices are going to play.............