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    Sold/Expired For sale: 2nd hand trombones at ITF 2006 (Birmingham)

    For the last year, as I've been travelling across Canada, Band Supplies Glasgow has held my tenor (Conn 88HCL) and bass (Bach 50B2O) trombones, in order to sell them on my behalf. They have been unsucessful so far, but will be taking them to their stand at the 2006 ITF, if anybody out there is...
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    Sold/Expired CONN88HCL and BACH50B20 for sale @ Band-supplies Glasgow

    Ok, not sure if I'm actually allowed to advertise like this, becasue I am not affiliated with Band-supplies in anyway. I have however, left my most prized pocessions in the hands of the owner, to be sold on to any one interested for about &1000 (pounds) each. For those of you not up to speed...
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    Eden - how's it going?

    Gutted, I am absolutely gutted not even to be in the country when both the Open and the Nationals have new works commisioned for them, but thank God for the internet! Just wondering how Eden was coming along, you luck, lucky people? That's it! Neil
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    Sold/Expired eBay sucks - who wants to buy my trombone via the forum...

    Actually, I'll give you my mobile number too: 0 7 9 1 9 2 2 2 3 7 5 P.s. I think I rather shot myself in the foot by only making i available to uk buyers, so if anyone oversees is interested, please call me. EDIT by tMM: have spaced the mobile number so as it's not picked up by Spammers...
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    Sold/Expired eBay sucks - who wants to buy my trombone via the forum...

    To be fair, I probably put too high a reserve on it, but even so, I was expecting mor einterest than I eventually got! So... the details are all the same (you shouls still be able to access the webpage, but without being able to bid):
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    Sold/Expired Bass trombone listing on eBay updated

    Hi guys - just thought I'd let you know that I'm prepared to pay postage/insurabce costs if the BUY IT NOw price is met. The (new and improved) listing is here: And I can also tell you that the reserve is only £800. Thanks...
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    Sold/Expired Bach bass trombone for sale

    I think everything's covered in my listing: Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Cheers Neil
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    British Open Test Pieces

    Well, as much as I will now make a point of going to the Open this year because I enjoy all three pieces; I am a little worried that in the long term that if this continues it will mean less original music will be commisioned for the Majors. I'm also a little peaved they're using THE SAME work...
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    How do you rehearse for the Europeans?

    Cheers for that - though i should perhaps have been less vague about my Avatar trouble. Thing is, I know how to upload one, just not how reduce any of my suitable pictures! Anyway, I've PMed a guy fom my band and he's on the case!
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    How do you rehearse for the Europeans?

    Just wondering how you go about rehearsing for a two-tiered contest such as the Norwegian Nationals, or indeed the Europeans. Do you split the individulal reherasals, do one on Tuesdays and t'other on Fridays, or what? Just curious!
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    Bands Near Harrogate

    For you maybe! I might just have to pedal everything ad lib just to keep myself occupied...
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    Bands Near Harrogate

    So, are you going to divulge this immense program, or is it a secret? :D
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    Bands Near Harrogate

    Apparantly - though if I am let Benjamin too! The wee guy's supposedly very good, but never plays when I'm there - I'm not that intimidating am I? :?
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    Bands Near Harrogate

    Evenin' Stu - glad you've joined! How's the band sounding just now without its star bass trombone player? :D
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    alto trombone!?

    Try and a Weril Alto for about £400. Myatt are really good to deal with, and give you a week to try stuff out with a full refund if you're not happy. If you want pictures, do an image serch on google with "weril gg31" And go to for a review.
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    Any Super-stars in the vicinity?

    I started in 2001 and have played in EVERYTHING since - the windband's going on tour in June! The big band is still going, but it's crap, so a bunch of us have started up a new one and we had our debut at the KK may ball on saturday. Mr. Clayton is still there, and he was meant to be...
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    Any Super-stars in the vicinity?

    Cool - I take it you've seen my previous signature then? When did you play, and does Gill Craig still have your number for The Heisenberg Ensemble? :D
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    Any Super-stars in the vicinity?

    Just thought I'd pander to the egos of the likes of Brett Baker or Chris Jeans (can you tell I'm a trombone player...) who may be part of this forum, and ask them to reveal themselves! As I'm quite new, I'm almost certain this has been done before, but as new members are added daily I didn't...
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    Hmm, the reason why I think contests are great and the reason why I enjoy them are two entirely different things: They serve as encouragement (for whatever) for loads of musicians to play when they perhaps otherwise wouldn't have a chance. The very nature of competetiob means that...
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    The Music of the Spheres

    Oh, and the worst thing about Pipe bands: When forced to play along side them, in whatever crazy context dreamed up by some ill-advised musical director, any other instrument sounds crap - becasue WE deign to be in tune! That's just not fair!