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    Has it started already?

    Love it or loath it, it's like marmite to us. Personally it's the highlight of my year and it's about to kick off if it hasn't already.... Yes, the annual pilgrimage in the cold playing Christmas carols. Had our Christmas party on Saturday and kick off the hard work on Wednesday with a concert...
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    Why did you stop?

    We seem to get a lot of posts in the introduction section from people who are returning to playing, far more than we get from beginners. I had a 30 year break and most of our back row have had long breaks. Just curious as to a) Why people stopped in the first instance and b) how they came...
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    I hate it when...

    I hate it when people just waltz into the room, when I am clearly playing in 4:4
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    Anyone fancy a trip to the Crimea?

    Ukraine considers legal measures against Symphonic Brass Wales
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    Marching in glasses

    Normally I wear varifocal glasses. Having been on three marches since returning to banding, I am having difficulty with seeing the music or tripping over. It was never a problem when I was younger and had youthful eyes. Tried wearing reading glasses which let me see the music, but I'm tripping...
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    Copyright definitions

    A thread recently which covered parts being moved around to different players touched upon this practice being a breach of copyright. I've been pondering over this since, and while I accept that this could be interpreted as altering the copyright piece, I am sceptical about the definition of...
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    Slag off Napoleon

    As the test piece discussion veered off into a slagging off of Napoleon, I thought I would start a dedicated thread for it. For a start, the spelling in the second movement of "Napolean"
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    Practice Valves

    If you've read my other thread today you will see I have brought a part to work to study. Whilst waggling my fingers in mid air, it struck me that I have never seen any kind of dummy valves for practicing. It then occurred to me that such a gadget could encompass switches and be used to...
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    On the spot

    Really annoyed with myself today. In band practice last night, I was put on the spot to play a passage that I had been finding tough. I have practiced it quite a lot at home to the point where I was as confident in playing it correctly as I was in the rest of the piece. Well after 3 attempts...
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    Strange things online

    While searching ebay for a cup mute I found this cornet with a fourth valve to divert the bell into a "mute" CORNET ECHO CORNET WITH XTRA MUTE EFFECTS BRASS POLISH F PITCH W/ CASE MOUTHPICE | eBay
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    Silent Brass cheap diy option

    Been looking online at the Yamaha Silent Brass mute. Bottom line is it looks ideal for practicing at home without getting a divorce, but the price tag could get me the divorce. Looking at fitting a guitar pickup with a piezo microphone to a cheap practice mute and using the preamplifier that...