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    New Website for Composer Tubb

    After a year's hiatus from a web presence, New York City resident ex-pat Brit composer Benjamin Tubb relaunches a brand new website, with an easy-to-use audio gallery and updated biography. Feel free to send a comment through the Contact section, too! The new website can be found at...
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    Sold/Expired DVDs for Sale

    Hi Guys, I am emigrating to the States in June and don't want to clutter up my parent's house with stuff. Below is a list of DVDs that I'm looking to sell. Most of them, except the box sets are a quid. Some are still in their original plastic wrapping. Please email me...
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    Does anyone play in a reasonable orchestra?

    Hi Guys, To cut a long story short I screwed up and may have missed getting a performance of half of my orchestral work. Do any tMPers play for an orchestra that might be able to have a small rehearsal of my piece and then a perform a run through just so I've got something to hand...
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    Hi there, Can any one reassure me that Saint-Saens is out of copyright now?! :) Cheers, Ben
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    Pontins 2009

    Pontins Announce Test Pieces for 2009 The Harry and Margaret Mortimer Championship: Sunday 25th October Test piece: Montage - Peter Graham Publisher: Winwood Music First Section: Saturday 24th October Test piece: Symphony of Marches - Gilbert Vinter Publisher: Studio Music Second Section...
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    Lost Bag at the RAH

    Hi Y'all. My mum's lost a bag at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. Just a quick message to see if anyone's picked up a small white plastic bag containing a metronome/tuner and a silver cloth. She was sitting in the choir stalls. PMs to me please! Cheers, Ben
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    Lunar Sax Quartet

    Hi Guys, Not been on in a while. Just thought I'd say that I've been shortlisted as a composer in the Lunar Saxophone Quartet's 2008 Competition for new music. It's happening on the 22nd of November, at the Warehouse in Waterloo. If you're not doing anything that Saturday night...
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    Newly Composed Song

    I know this is a brass band forum. But as I've not really seriously composed for brass band in a while, I've been mainly working on Saxophone pieces and a Song Cycle. Just thought I'd share my latest piece with you all. See what you think? It's a song setting of a poem by Silé Moriarty...
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    Anyone know of a job?

    Hi all! I am but a skint student looking for summer work. Does anyone know of any jobs (like office work) available in the south?! I'm really getting stuck! Cheers, B
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    Tenor Horn, North West, Championship

    Hi There - you should all know me by now, but I thought I'd revise my details on here! I'm Ben, Currently studying Tenor Horn/Composition at the RNCM, living in Manchester. Instrument(s) played: tenor horn Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: champ - n/c How much notice do you...
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    why does the noise in u aaears really sartr to annoy you when you've have as couple to drink! it's really annoyingas my - just had my frehsrhe'rs balla nd my ears are ringing and i'm feeling eally asedsick!! grrr - go scubar! bet this theady gesast locked in t'mornging!
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    Anyone good at spotting Fonts??

    Does anyone know what font this is? Cheers Ben
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    Crossroads really...

    Hi there, just wanted tMPer's thoughts really. I've been composing for a while now, and generally I stick to audience friendly material, taking influences from Peter Graham and Philip Sparke, as I like that sort of style. However, I'm looking towards a crossroad really, I'm looking to venture...
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    Tax Help

    All You wonderful people, a little help please? I've just started a new job, been there a month and got my first wage slip today (Yay!)... to find that I'm on a tax code BR and been taxed over £75!!! What do I do? I could really use the extra money - i shouldn't be taxed yet surely? Cheers benny
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    Really frustrating game! Can anyone do it?
  16. HBB

    New Flugel and Cornet Solos

    Just finished two solos, that I thought I would direct anyone who's interested to! Morning Impressions was written for Dawn (Dawny'sFlug on tMP) and is a 6 minute gem for flugel with a lovely slow 'movement' sandwiched by slightly faster more a virtuostic section. You can see this here. The...
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    Lost - Online Experience

    Stumbled across this! Am pretty rubish though. Killed the boar, but then got stuck and hung!
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    Looking for advice

    I'm looking for an album (or 2/3 :lol: ) of music that contains old style solos, can be with/without piano. accompaniment (will probably never play them with!), I'm looking for things like Tucker, and Heavenly Gales, etc. Does anyone know where I can find them and how much? Cheers Ben
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    Auditions for Music Colleges

    Just wondering if anyone here's applied to Music Colleges. And how your auditions went? I'm applying for Tenor Horn at the RWCMD and RNCM. Had my Welsh audition today with Bob Childs! (:eek:). I tell you what... that college is soo nice to look at! Anyone else applied (especially tenor...
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    New 2nd Section Testpiece

    Hi Guys, Just finished a new 2nd section testpiece entitled: "Repton Fantasy" (funnily enough based on the hymn Repton, also known as Dear Lord and Father of Mankind) You can hear this from the SibeliusMusic site by clicking here. Hope you enjoy it! Ben (p.s. sorry about the Tierce de...