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  1. davidsait

    Looking for score and parts for George Allan's Senator
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    Here's one: LIGHT PROGRAMME LEGENDS (Brass Band) - Smith, Sandy - Studio Music | Brass Band Music Shop | Your sheet music search engine
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    Free band music

    Here's a link to the search results for those pieces scored for brass band: BandMusic PDF Library
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    Modern Major General

    Ideally to accompany a singer, but either will suffice.
  5. davidsait

    Modern Major General

    Is anyone aware of an arrangement of the Major-General's Song from Pirates of Penzance? As part of a selection, and for any sized brass band/ensemble is fine, but the tune must be complete. I've checked the Drake Rimmer selection, but it doesn't appear to include it.
  6. davidsait

    European Premiere of Pictures from Yosemite by Rodney Newton

    Cambridge, UK: 21 April CSD Brass will give the European premiere of Pictures from Yosemite by Rodney Newton. Further details and advance tickets from the band website: CSD Brass presents: Pictures and Postcards Full programme First half Star Lake (Eric Ball) Whitburn (Robert Schramm)...
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    Carnival of Venice

    Thanks Barry, useful to know.
  8. davidsait

    Carnival of Venice

    There are two arrangements of the Arban version of Carnival of Venice for Bb cornet and band: Keith Wilkinson and Fred Muscroft. Does anyone have any insight on the differences between them?
  9. davidsait

    "Pastime with Good Company" by Henry VIII -- Best Brass Band arrangment?

    I've played the Stephen Roberts and it's good. I'd always feel confident that anything composed or arranged by Philip Sparke is a good bet. I've not come across the others.
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    CSD Brass, Cambridge, L&SC, non-contesting, Players needed

    For the avoidance of doubt, a new Musical Director was successfully appointed. It's me :)
  11. davidsait

    Light Walk

    Before I attempt to write one myself, does anyone have available an easier alternative to the written 32 bar flugel solo in Light Walk? I'm looking for something that's not quite so taxing.
  12. davidsait

    Does Rimmer's "The Cossack" have a Flugel part?

    I've conducted a Rimmer march, published by Wright and Round, that had a flugel part. However, the flugel part was not written by Rimmer, rather the publisher had added it themselves. It often doubled the rep line, but certainly had some other interesting bits.
  13. davidsait

    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    They have been confirmed as: C: Pagentry 1: Land of the Long White Cloud 2: Rhapsody in Brass 3: Darkwood 4: St Andrew's Variations Test-pieces | National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain
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    4barsrest countdown

    Looks good to me.
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    LGBT+ community

    In the past few days, an LGBT+ Brass Band Community has been started on Facebook.
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    Whit Friday

    Zoobander were alumni and members of the University of Warwick Brass Band
  17. davidsait

    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    The members of the music panel are listed here:
  18. davidsait

    New band in E Anglia needed

    Ah, I understand. Best of luck with your search!
  19. davidsait

    New band in E Anglia needed

    Tubby - City of Cambridge (1st section) rehearses at Trumpington Village Hall (CB2 9HZ) on Wednesday evenings.
  20. davidsait

    New band in E Anglia needed

    Would Cambridge be too far?