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  1. davidsait

    Modern Major General

    Is anyone aware of an arrangement of the Major-General's Song from Pirates of Penzance? As part of a selection, and for any sized brass band/ensemble is fine, but the tune must be complete. I've checked the Drake Rimmer selection, but it doesn't appear to include it.
  2. davidsait

    European Premiere of Pictures from Yosemite by Rodney Newton

    Cambridge, UK: 21 April CSD Brass will give the European premiere of Pictures from Yosemite by Rodney Newton. Further details and advance tickets from the band website: CSD Brass presents: Pictures and Postcards Full programme First half Star Lake (Eric Ball) Whitburn (Robert Schramm)...
  3. davidsait

    Carnival of Venice

    There are two arrangements of the Arban version of Carnival of Venice for Bb cornet and band: Keith Wilkinson and Fred Muscroft. Does anyone have any insight on the differences between them?
  4. davidsait

    Light Walk

    Before I attempt to write one myself, does anyone have available an easier alternative to the written 32 bar flugel solo in Light Walk? I'm looking for something that's not quite so taxing.
  5. davidsait

    LGBT+ community

    In the past few days, an LGBT+ Brass Band Community has been started on Facebook.
  6. davidsait

    Cornet & Kit player - Cambridgeshire - 29 June

    Hauxton, Cambridgeshire: cornet and kit player needed to support the young people of Eversden training band on the afternoon Saturday 29 June. Apologies, no expenses are available.
  7. davidsait

    Where are Teesside's brass band players when you need them?

    Article from the Guardian blog today:
  8. davidsait


    I'm looking to purchase a tuner. Does anyone have any recommendations, or suggestions for products to steer clear of please? Ideally I'm looking for something small and compact which comes with a case. The model I had thought of getting, the Yamaha TD1 which came in something like a cassette...
  9. davidsait

    Dent repair using ice

    You may be interested in this article where a french horn player removes a dent from his leadpipe using ice.
  10. davidsait

    Sold/Expired Sheet music for brass on ebay

    Silver Threads Among the Gold: How Brass Players Do It: Scales and Arpeggios for Bb...
  11. davidsait

    Music for Trumpet and Guitar

    Has anyone seen any music written for trumpet and acoustic (classical) guitar at all?
  12. davidsait

    Flugel or Cornet, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, Champ to 4th

    Name and contact details: David Sait. Contact details in profile. Email, PM, or IM me. Instrument(s) played: Flugel, cornet & trumpet Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Champ to 4th section, but not necessarily in all seats! How much notice do you require: Very little Name of...
  13. davidsait

    Trumpet March by Lully

    I'm trying to find the sheet music (or a midi file) for the Trumpet March by Lully. You can hear a sample of what I'm after here. The only references I can find in a google search are for a 'Music Minus One' book which has the trumpet part, but not the organ part - which isn't much use at a...
  14. davidsait

    WMBBA Contest - Leamington Spa

    So, who's going to be at Leamington later this month then? N.B. Please be careful not to tell us what you piece your band is playing!
  15. davidsait

    Quartet Contests - Leicester/Midlands/Warwickshire Area

    Hi folks, Anyone know of any forthcoming Quartet Contests in the Leicester/Midlands/Warwickshire area at all?
  16. davidsait

    University of Warwick

    So, anyone joining us this year?
  17. davidsait

    Hi there!

    Hi there! I'm Dave, I'm 25, and I currently live in Coventry. I'm a Postgraduate student at the University of Warwick where I'm studying for my Ph.D. in Chemistry , however, I'm nearly done and expect to be finishing around Christmas. As such, I've just finished playing with the...
  18. davidsait

    Sold/Expired As Torrents In Summer - Elgar

    I'm delighted to announce the publishing of my first piece for Brass Band - an arrangement of the chorus "As Torrents in Summer" by Elgar. An easy arrangement featuring the flugel, "As Torrents in Summer" is taken from Edward Elgar's cantata "King Olaf". It in the appears in the epilogue of...
  19. davidsait

    US Bands - Aug/Sep 2005

    Hi folks, I'm going to be visiting Washington D.C. from 27th August to 2nd September this year for a conference and I was wondering if there were any bands over there that would welcome me to come and have a blow with them during my stay? I'd prefer a British-style Brass Band if it were...
  20. davidsait

    University of Warwick

    Hi folks, I was having a chat with a bloke (his band name began with 'M', but that's all I can remember) outside the Dobcross Band Club on Friday, and what he had to say about Warwick made me realise that there's potentially some misunderstanding around - I'd just like to clear that up...