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  1. mad_female

    The New Dr. Who!

    I used to be terrified of THE MASTER and the Daleks and Cybermen......but can't miss an episode now with both David Tennant and John Barrowman as eye candy
  2. mad_female


    We have a ridge tile 3/4 of the way down the roof. My neighbour informed me at lunchtime....rang the letting agents who said could be several days before anyone gets out to fix it so "don't stand under it" ........ ummmm let me think....Why would I be stood on the porch roof??? luckily the wind...
  3. mad_female

    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    Widor - Toccata my absolute favourite organ piece ever.......want it to walk out to when Puss and I eventually tie the knot.
  4. mad_female

    New Years Eve 2006

    Working until about 22:00 at the hatchery department of the local hospital.
  5. mad_female

    Pity the badger

    Awwww Poor BMB Do I need to post Bagpuss to fix your PC?? Hope to see you on the 16th Rhian
  6. mad_female


    Love it, but then I like most sci-fi
  7. mad_female


    Was on an early today, the only new arrivals I saw were female so hopefully we have avoided him in Shrewsbury. (midwife by the way) However my uncle and his girlfriend are epecting their first child together and his due date is today 6/6/06, all references to calling him Damien went straight...
  8. mad_female

    Jazz Music Question

    Could it have been Becki Biggins? Bagpuss and I have known her since she was 11 and she's fab Hope that's of use or interest Rhian
  9. mad_female

    The Day You Were Born

    On 24th Feb 1976 ... The Number 1 single was: Four Seasons - "December '63 (Oh What A Night)" For Number 1 single over the subsequent years Click Here The Number 1 album was: Slim Whitman - "The Very Best Of Slim Whitman" For Number 1 album over the subsequent years...
  10. mad_female

    What's your specialist subject?

    JOB - Midwife Qualifications - BA (Hons) degree in Modern European history and religious studies, Diploma of higher education in midwifery studies Key subjects in your job area - care of women in pregnancy, labour and the first 28 days following the birth of their child. Child...
  11. mad_female

    Bizarre Holidays for February

    Well tomorrow is not only my 30th but also "National Tortilla Chip Day" All I can say is yum
  12. mad_female

    Testing new functionality... help appreciated

    I think mad_female needs to let people know how to do it
  13. mad_female

    Things you'll probably only ever do once (unless your very unlucky)

    Many many years ago my dad managed to clean his teeth with deep heat......silly boy forgot to check which tube he'd picked out of the sponge bag mum says it couldn't have happened to a nicer person, and yes they are now divorced lol
  14. mad_female

    Testing new functionality... help appreciated

    Yep i'm here too....wondered what I was supposed to have done...very cool Rhian Mad_female
  15. mad_female

    What pets

    Unfortunately bagpuss and I aren't allowed to have pets at the mo as we are renting our house. My mum has my 3 babies Cat 1 Tabitha (Aka Tabs, fat cat etc) 12 year old tabby cat with a liking for the taste of human feet, and any cheese or other morsel she can sneak from your plate. Dog...
  16. mad_female

    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    Have just bought the album by The Choirboys....assisted by none other than Aled Jones. I heard their version of Tears in Heaven the other day at cried and cried. A must for thoae who enjoy traditional choral music such as the Allegri Miserere or Faures In Paradisium Rhian
  17. mad_female

    Christmas Holidays

    Working for the good old NHS, we don't get christmas hols. I'm working every day up to christmas eve except tues, off christmas eve, 14:00 - 21:45 Christmas day off boxing day working 27th 07:30 - 15:30 then 4 nights 30th, 31st, 1st and 2nd. Hoping for a nice peaceful christmas day with...
  18. mad_female

    Blood Type

    Hi I am currently "blood transfusion guru" for my ward at work....i'm a midwife for those of you who don't know. If you are group A you can recieve A or O blood If you are group B you can recieve B or O blood If you are group AB you can recieve A, B, AB or O blood If you are group O...
  19. mad_female

    Brass Band Hunnies!

    I'm sure Bagpuss will be delighted BMB LOL Rhian