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    I've done my #SwabForSykes, have you? You can register online today at DKMS More info at Stephen's Journey FB Group:
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    Brass Band Survey

    Email from BBE this am: Dear Brass Banders, The University of Sheffield are researching the difference brass banding makes to a person. Once all stages of the research are complete, we hope to be able to share with bands data that will strengthen funding bids and help others understand the...
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    scaba Autumn Contest 2015

    The scaba Autumn Contest will take place on Sunday 13th September at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley Our adjudicators for the day will be John Berryman and Nicholas Garman This is an own-choice Test Piece contest Entry is limited to 30 bands The closing date for entries is 9th August...
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    scaba Entertainments Contest 2015

    scaba’s annual Entertainment contest will take place at The Hawth in Crawley on Sunday 17th May. Our adjudicator for the day is John Maines. Section B starts at 9:25am: Amersham Chichester City Cobham Hangleton Hangleton Youth LGB Brass Mole Valley Silver Patcham Silver St Sebastian Wokingham...
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    scaba Solo & Duet contest

    scaba held their annual solo competition at St Paul's College in Burgess Hill yesterday. Adjudicator John Winterflood enjoyed his first scaba contest and praised the high standard of music on show. Congratulations to all the prize winners, and special thanks to the accompanists who did such a...
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    scaba Autumn Contest 2014

    scaba's annual Autumn Contest will be held at The Hawth in Crawley this Sunday 28th September. Adjudicators: Paul Norley – 3rd, Youth and 1st Sections Mike Kilroy – 2nd and Championship Sections Bands Entered: Amersham Aveley & Newham BAE Systems Becontree Brass Brass Band Gent...
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    The Southern Counties Youth Band

    scaba is proud to announce the formation of the new Southern Counties Youth Band. Enrolling now for the 2014/2015 school year - all players of brass band instruments and percussion aged 12 - 18 are welcome to apply. Southern Counties Youth Band members will have the opportunity to take part...
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    scaba Entertainment Contest 2014

    scaba's annual Entertainment contest will take place at The Hawth in Crawley tomorrow, Sunday 18th May competing bands: B Section (Youth, 3rd, 2nd section bands) ~ starts 10am 1. St Sebastian (Lee Woodward) withdrawn 2. Chinnor Silver ( David Pegram) 3. Cobham (Glenn Hayter) 4...
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    scaba Spring Contest 2014

    scaba's annual Spring Contest was held today at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley. Adjudicator Paul Cosh. Full results: Youth Section 1. Shanklin Town Youth, Malcolm Lewis 2. Patcham Silver Youth, Sandra Davies Hymn Tune: Shanklin March: Shanklin Best Instrumentalist: Alex Warner, Cornet...
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    scaba Solo, Quartet and Ensemble contest

    scaba's first event of the year; the Solo, Quartet and Ensemble contest, was held yesterday in Burgess Hill. Solo results - adjudicator Nick Garman: Junior Slow Melody 14 and under) (5 entries) 1. Jason Hardy, Patcham Silver 2. Madisyn Cave, Tilbury 3. Braedyn Cave, Tilbury Youth...
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    scaba Autumn Contest 2013

    scaba's annual Autumn Contest returns to the Hawth in Crawley tomorrow. The contest starts at 10am THIRD SECTION: Brighton & Hove City Brass - Matthew Hackett Charles Church Camberley - Robert Cherry Vectis Brass - Mary Teague YOUTH SECTION: Shanklin Town Youth Brass - Malcolm Lewis...
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    Sold/Expired Baritone mouthpiece SM5U

    Selling a baritone SM5 Ultra mouthpiece on Ebay - link HERE. Silver plate, cost £75 new. Approx 1 year old but hardly every used (its too big for me!).
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    scaba Entertainment Contest 2013

    scaba's annual Entertainment contest returns to The Hawth in Crawley this Sunday, 19th May. 18 bands will each play a 24 minute concert programme; the first band will be on stage at 9.55am. Tickets available on the day: £7.50 Adult, £4 concession, children under 10 free. Full line-up...
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    scaba Spring contest 2013

    full results from the scaba Spring contest held at The Hawth, Crawley today: Adjudicator Michael Fowles Third section1. Brighton & Hove City Brass (Matthew Hackett) 2. Sussex Brass (Hastings) (Steve Hollamby) 3. Pangbourne (Stewart Lewins) 4. Patcham Silver (James Banks-Coker) 5...
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    Besson Sovereign quality

    Has anyone bought a new Sovereign in the last couple of years? Trying to find out if the basic design has changed at all, and what's the build quality like these days? (am I right in thinking they're made at the Courtois factory now?) I'm specifically looking at the Baritone, but any...
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    Finale Printmusic

    does anyone know how to get the brass band instrumentation on Finale Print music? I've had a search on the Finale forums and apparently a BB template was available at one point but its not included in the latest version. I've got the trial version at the mo, get on with it much better than...
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    scaba Autumn contest 2012

    The scaba Autumn contest will be at its new home in Crawley next Sunday. Full line up of bands on the scaba website, should be a great day!
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    Choosing a contest

    Following a conversation with fellow band geeks over the weekend, I'm curious to know why bands choose to enter particular contests? Why does your band choose one over another eg. miss a local contest then travel to another 150+ miles away just a few weeks later? Answers on a postcard please.....
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    scaba Spring Contest

    I've just received our schedule for the scaba Spring Contest. As with Folkestone last October, the contest is limited to 30 bands only, on a first come, first served basis with scaba member bands given preference over non-member bands in the first 14 days. If your band's interested, make sure...
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    scaba Solo, Quartet and Ensemble contest 2012

    The scaba Solo, Quartet & Ensemble Contest was held yesterday in Ringmer. Adjudicators Lynda Nicholson (solos) & Jeremy Wise (quartets & ensembles) Junior Slow Melody 1 Rebecca Charters - Denmead Brass 2 Maddy Groom - Lingfield Silver 3 Kieran Johnston - Lingfield Silver Youth...