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    word association

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    word association

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    word association

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    Fancy some free music?

    Cheers Nigel, and thank you! :)
  5. super_sop

    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2012

    I'll have a bit of action on Wem please, virtual £20 ;-)
  6. super_sop

    North Wales Rally, 12th November 2011

    think champ was 1 Northop, 2 Deiniolen, 3 wrecsam. info taken off Facebook, so could be wrong!
  7. super_sop

    Youth Initiative Website

    there's some cracking pieces here, just passed your site on to the school bands.
  8. super_sop

    Foden's Concert with Roger Webster

    I don't think I'm quite that wrinkled!!!! ;-)
  9. super_sop

    Foden's Concert with Roger Webster

    How much are the tickets Fiona?
  10. super_sop

    Liverpool Football Club

    lol Mr Perks, please refrain from mentioning me in your posts. But if you do feel the need to do so, please show me the common courtesy of reproducing my Moniker correctly. Regards. super_sop
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    Recent concert programmes

    Ironbridge brass band programme: Star Lake Best of Bond The shepherds song Lux Aurumque Barcelona Crimson Tide Pearl Harbor
  12. super_sop

    Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival 2011

    I'm really looking forward to taking Newport to this one, it should be a fantastic day!
  13. super_sop

    Is FIFA running the London 2012 Games Opening & Closing Music?

    i believe a number of bands have been contacted ref playing during the Olympic festivities. i know ours has, as has at least one school band in our are. regards
  14. super_sop

    MD/Conducting Courses

    haha, this made me chuckle, but sooo true!!!!!!! :clap:
  15. super_sop

    Angus MacDonald Cornet solo

    Hehe, couldn't resist Fi!!! hope you manage to sort something though
  16. super_sop

    Angus MacDonald Cornet solo

    have you tried his brother, O'ld macdonald? aparently he has a farm. not sure where it is though
  17. super_sop

    Sold/Expired DVDs for Sale

    good luck Ben. Enjoy you're life over there.
  18. super_sop

    Royal wedding;Who is working?

    Same Dyl, I'm off fishing for the day! school are making us have the day off:biggrin:
  19. super_sop

    So that's what JonP is doing with himself thesedays..

    oh dear, looks like they need to practice bringing up and putting down those instruments!!!!
  20. super_sop

    Suggestions for a concert based around film music

    Crimson tide has gone down well with my players