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  1. gazrose

    Best Youth Bands

    Northants County Youth Brass Band I understand that the Northants County Youth Brass Band won the National Youth Competition this year at Birmingham (last week I think) along with the Gwent band (joint winners).
  2. gazrose

    International Staff Band in Bristol

    Carl, I know you meant that as a compliment but I have to say it hurts : )
  3. gazrose

    Tuning machine or not?

    Peter, I meant once the instrument has been tuned to the machine or fork, or percussion instrument. I realise that there has to be some 'give' from the manufacturer.
  4. gazrose

    Tuning machine or not?

    Agreed. If we're talking about tuning the C of an instrument then an electronic tuning aid would do a great job. If we're talking about the big picture then I agree that the ear is the best way do get a tuneful sound. The main tuning slide shouldn't need to be touched if the C is in tune...
  5. gazrose

    Tuning machine or not?

    Is this not down to the players intonation and not the tuning of the instrument....that's been tuned already (assuming it was warmed up sufficiently etc...)
  6. gazrose

    Tuning machine or not?

    Apologies if this has been said already - far too much thread to read. My opinion is that an electronic tuning device is very useful for tuning a band. Tuning to one player can be unreliable, for example - the principal cornet plays a C, the MD then asks the second man to play a C along with...
  7. gazrose

    Pieces that could do with being recorded

    Fantasia for Piano and Band Kettering Citadel SA Band released a CD last Saturday and choice number two is on it. Performed by Rob Clark (former ISS pianist and Pianist to the Rolyal Ballet, London) Here's a link to buy:
  8. gazrose

    Hardest position in a band

    And what a good job you did Ross! Has to be Baritone, always seem to be playing. When they're not blending with the horns they're beefing up the euph's, then covering the troms!! All over the place - the David Beckham's of the band (referring to his workrate on the field of play, not off it...
  9. gazrose

    Slow Movements

    A few of the best middle movements for me are: RSA - Edge of Time RSA - The Lord is King oh, and the Euphonium Solo 'A Better World' - Bearcroft There are more, but i'm supposed to be working!! :?
  10. gazrose

    What is your favourite march? (The Big Poll)

    My all time favourite is 'Praise' (Heaton) To be right up to date, Paul Drury's 'Jubilee' is a cracker! The title track on the latest ISB CD [see WOB] I think the Household Troops Band recorded it too.
  11. gazrose

    Poll: Best SA Festival Piece

    Carl, you have the right to remain silent...anything you do say may be given as evidence...blah blah. Being in a concert hall full of policemen was a little overwhelming for me last wednesday!! My favourites are (no order) The Lord is King Present Age Song of the Eternal Just as I am...
  12. gazrose

    G Trombones and High Pitch Cornets

    Correct :)
  13. gazrose

    Valentine Verses

    Roses are red Violets are blue I've got amnesia erm...... :?
  14. gazrose

    G Trombones and High Pitch Cornets

    I think it's 3/4 of a semitone sharp (or there abouts)
  15. gazrose

    Best flugel player?

    I agree Speaking of Legends, has Stan Lippeat been mentioned yet!?
  16. gazrose

    National Championships Re-organisation??

    OK then what about the World Cup analogy. Teams from all over the world battle it out in their 'Qualifiers' and then the best teams from those areas compete in the World Cup Finals. Isn't this how it should be? A fair balance of teams competing? I think the Nationals need no re-organisation...
  17. gazrose

    Acidic hands????

    In which case, you should be working in MacDonalds. (apologies to all those who work in macdonalds and don't have a skin complaint!) :wink: PS. This may be my last post :oops:
  18. gazrose

    Salvation Army Published Music & non SA Bands

    Absolutely right Peter - thanks for the reminder :)
  19. gazrose

    Salvation Army Published Music & non SA Bands

    Bob - by BB do you mean Brian Bowen or Brass Band? :roll: :?: The ISB played another one of Brian's pieces at the music leaders councils 2003 (under his direction) - in a similar stylie to My Comfort and Strength. The title escapes me, but again, very special music!
  20. gazrose

    " has anyone played a contest with there left hand&quot

    Re: " has anyone played a contest with there left hand& I've never played in a contest - never mind with my left hand!! :roll: