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  1. bagpuss


    Hiya all I'm after a copy of Firestorm (Bulla????) and Beatrice and Benedict. Anyone know if any band has recorded these and if the cd's are readily available. I vainly looked on itunes for the tracks but as I might have guessed not a sniff!!! I only really wanted these tracks because generally...
  2. bagpuss

    Most hated test piece?

    OK, this may have been done before (apologies if it has) but on the back of the favourite test pieces thread, what's everyones most hated test piece and why? Mine is one called variations. Can't remember who composed it. As I recall it was either an area or a national test piece a number of...
  3. bagpuss


    I've recently started fishing a little more regularly. I'm not brilliant at it but I enjoy it and that's the main thing. I am also not in possession of the most up to date or expensive equipment and again, I'm not bothered at all. I know that a certain person has always wanted to organise a...
  4. bagpuss

    wimbledon: any point?

    It's Wimbledon fortnight again although it always seems longer than a fortninght. So are you like me and religiously avoid anything to do with tennis, wimbledon and Henman etc etc. Or are you just as likely to be found on 'Henman Hill' with the rest of the 'fans'. Puss
  5. bagpuss

    wish list?

    I'm sure this has been done before (and if it has, I'm sure it'll get locked). Are there any pieces or more generally any genres of music that you'd like to see arranged/ composed (OK Tim??) for brass band? Are there any pieces that have already been done that you think could or should be done...
  6. bagpuss

    Bird flu

    Presumably available from your local vet!! Puss
  7. bagpuss

    It's me!!

    Hi all, I'm not new but I don't ever remember having introduced myself so here goes. My name is Darren Peake, I'm ?? years of age (old) and I live in Shrewsbury. I play percussion at the moment for Wem Jubilee Band but used to play Trombone. I've played for a few bands since I started with...
  8. bagpuss


    I know there's been loads of posts about how good zulu is but I'm going to add another one. Played it in rehearsal tonight. There's nothing like a good bit of zulu to relieve all those feelings of aggression and frustration especially if like me you get to knock seven shades out of...
  9. bagpuss

    Modified vehicles

    If there is anyone on this site who has modified a vehicle to make it look or to try and make it go faster, you have my deepest sympathy. However, for the rest of us who think you're all muppets, there's a site you should look at to give you a laugh at what these people think is a good thing to...
  10. bagpuss


    Sudden thought occurred to me the other day. No one seems to peg anyone anymore!! We used to do it all the time. Trick was to peg as many people without them knowing, only happened before contests or concerts though. Group of us pegged our MD at a previous band once and he went on to conduct the...
  11. bagpuss


    I had the very distinct plesure of attending a concert by the Grimethorpe colliery UK Coal band last night (Sat 9/4/05) at the Stanier Hall in Wem. What a superb performance!! The program was very well varied and catered for all tastes, the playing was outstanding and overall the...
  12. bagpuss

    Farm Animals

    Had a very strange conversation with a work colleague the other night (very worrying the more I think about it). We were discussing very random things, something which we are both very good at. We ended up discussing farm animals and which farm animal we would prefer to be. I can't remember his...
  13. bagpuss

    Musical Holidays

    Another thread got me thinking. Is there anywhere you'd like to go for a musical holiday?? Some where like a musical mecca???? My personal would be New Orleans. Been there twice and I'd go again and again!! By the way, anyone who says that their ideal musical holiday would be a weekend in...
  14. bagpuss

    Blenheim Flourishes

    Heard this piece the other day for the first time in years and I'd forgotten how good it is!!!! Anyone know if it's still in print and if so who I can get it from?? I want to persuade Mr. Thorne to get it for us even though the cornets will struggle!!!!! :D :twisted: :D :twisted: :D...
  15. bagpuss

    Stupid Sayings

    This one may have been done before. Anyone know any really stupid sayings??? They could be things parents used to say to you as a child, proverbs or whatever really. Here's a couple to start off with. Parent saying number 1: WHERE DID YOU LOSE IT????? Parent saying number 2: WELL...
  16. bagpuss

    New Phone

    OK, so I'v got a new phone, the user manual is pretty useless and I've had no joy with the motorola support people either so here goes I've got a motorola V600, I know that it can use MP3's as ringtones but there is nothing in the manual to tell me how to use them. I have tried sending MP3...
  17. bagpuss

    Would you change??

    Whilst setting up percussion equipment for a concert, I usually end up wishing I played piccolo, it would be much easier and quicker to set up and you'd be less likely to get people moaning about having to carry a piccolo aswell. It set me thinking, is there any other instrument that you would...
  18. bagpuss

    Percussion solos or features

    Can anyone recommend any decent percussion features/solos. I've heard all the Zimba Zamba's and the Czardas's but I'd like to have a go at something that us mere mortals might be able to do with some degree of success All suggestions gratefully received!! Puss
  19. bagpuss

    'Retired' players

    Discussing with Mr. Thorne the other day about 'retired' players or players who have given up for one reason or another. There appears to be quite a lot of these people in our locality alone (so I presume that it's a similar situation everywhere). As there seems to be a shortage of brass...
  20. bagpuss

    Romantic or not??

    I've just been browsing through our very own Roger Thornes' website and found a piece called Salliann. It's a piece (presumably) dedicated to or written about his wife (called Salliann surprisingly enough). Call me sentimental/romantic, but I think it's a lovely thing to do. No one has ever...