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  1. Andy Moore

    Rugby League

    Are there any fans on here?
  2. Andy Moore

    Sovereign Tenor Horn

    Does anyone know where I can get one? I've got £1200 towards one from the BBC, but the woman on the other end can't find one in silver plate. Thanks.
  3. Andy Moore


    ... has got to have his own thread. Unbelievable. :confused:
  4. Andy Moore


    Unlucky. Who would've thought an Italian dive would be the cause of the Socceroos' exit? I feel so sorry for them.
  5. Andy Moore

    NYBB clash with youth championships

    NYBB Championships + NYBB Easter Course 2006 Apparently the dates for the National Youth Championships and the NYBB Easter Course next year overlap. Is it just me that thinks this is the most stupid thing that could have been done with these dates? E.g. at least 3 principal players from St...
  6. Andy Moore

    Haydock Band - Vacancies

    Edit: for current vacancies and contact details, please see most recent posts Haydock band are a friendly Championship section band in the North West, in need of filling these seats for next year. (August 22nd - ) If anyone fancies coming down for a blow (any posiiton) just PM me and I'll...
  7. Andy Moore

    National Youth Brass Band Championships 2005

    Does anyone know of a list of bands yet? ... It's getting late and I can't find one. Otherwise ... who's going? St Helens Youth are :D
  8. Andy Moore

    Room 101

    What would you put in Room 101? I'm gona have a bit of a think about it before i say what I'd put in ...
  9. Andy Moore

    Little Britain or Max and Paddy's Road to nowhere

    Latest viewer ratings show that Little Britain Series 2 ended up with more viewers at the end of the series, and I wondered which of these two the educated online banding community prefered ... My vote's for Max and Paddy ... fantastic.
  10. Andy Moore

    Smithills on ITV's South Bank Show

    Hi, sorry if this has been mentioned and I've been stupid enough not to see it, but I just noticed Smithills Schools Band on ITV's South Bank Show, and it doesn't seem that anyone knew that they were going to be on. Have no idea what it was abou, I'm afraid, as I just caught a glimpse whilst...
  11. Andy Moore

    Are you feeling Chrismassy?

    A few people have said to me, recently, that they aren't feeling too Chrismassy this year. I have to say I'm not feeling very Chrismassy either ... Just wondered how everyone else feels.
  12. Andy Moore

    Wilkinson Northern Open Results

    Section A (Championship/1st Section) Quintessence - Robert Redhead 1. Haydock (L. Nicholson) :D 194pts 2. Northop Silver 192pts 3. Marsden (G. Williams) 189pts 4. Blackburn & Darwen 188pts 5. Longridge...
  13. Andy Moore

    Challenge Cup Final : Wigan Warriors v St Helens

    Can't wait for next Saturday, it's gona be a cracker ! Can't help predecting a Saints win, especially after what happened last week, against Leeds. Probably the finest display of the year, but then, we have so many! :) Anyway what do you guys think ?
  14. Andy Moore

    Challenge Cup: Saints v Huddersfield

    Ooh 2 days to go, am i the only one who cares about it, or are there people who like rugby ? ? ? yeah . . . saints'll win no probs 8)
  15. Andy Moore

    Horn: Maestro or Sovereign ?

    Which do you think is better ? I have a maestro and believe it to make a better sound than a sovereign i've played, but I know a lot of people have and prefer sovereigns . .
  16. Andy Moore

    National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

    Just wondering who's going really, and any news about anything to do with it . . .