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  1. Carina

    Designing a CD Cover

    That's a fantastic CD cover Holly! It's absolutely stunning! Having dabbled a little with Photoshop and not got very far I truly admire your talent :)
  2. Carina

    If You Won the Lotto

    I'd buy a houses for other family members....give lots to charity as I'd feel bad having that much money... I think I'd happily live off the interest and buy things every so often like a new tenor horn, french horn, violin, piano.... music for the band... I'm sure I could spend lots...
  3. Carina

    Taking care of our younger members: tMP Young Persons Representative

    Congratulations Sophie! All the best with your new role here on tmp!
  4. Carina

    Tubular Bells

    Unless you're really lucky, like us and have a 2 octave set especially made for the band :)
  5. Carina

    Chris Botti "Live" in Toronto

    I bought the "Night Sessions" CD a few months ago - it's great!It's very relaxing and some beautiful trumpet playing.
  6. Carina

    Christmas Music Suggestions Please

    We tried playing The Nutcracker Sweet last year. Yes, it's probably a good arrangement, but I really didn't like it. I guess by that stage of the year I was just tired of every "arrangement" somehow turning into "swing"....Depends what you like to play I guess! :D One piece I really enjoyed...
  7. Carina

    How we are percieved..

    Ah percussion....yes, most people have no idea how tricky it can be at times. It never helps when new music is handed out and the percussion section is always last to get their's. They are then expected to be ready to play straight away..."um..hold on, just sorting out who's on what part and if...
  8. Carina

    Would you change Instruments?

    Well I guess it might depend on whether being in a band is really important to you, or your particular instrument is important to you. What instrument do you play and what instrument are you thinking of changing to? It's a tough decision! I switched from percussion to tenor horn, but that was...
  9. Carina

    How we are percieved..

    It's good to know that some publishers are printing parts in both clefs then :) I think I'll stick to treble clef for horn though...
  10. Carina

    Should adjudicators be able to 'bite back'?

    It's a tricky one. I expect that if I was an adjudicator I might get upset if I saw unplesant things written about me. But, I would have thought a reply to the post within the forum might have been better solution. Also, it shouldn't be taken as a band view. As far as I know, most of us here are...
  11. Carina

    Sold/Expired March - Jingle Bells availeble on Sibelius Music

    Fantastic! It sounds amazing and everyone has something good to play...I know that it's not really a requirement when writing music, but it's nice to keep everyone happy :D
  12. Carina

    How we are percieved..

    So why is it that no one is willing to change the clefs for some instruments? In concert band trombone parts are printed in both treble and bass clef, why can't publishers do that for brass bands? As for how we, as brass bands are perceived, I guess I haven't worried too much about what other...
  13. Carina

    Silly things you thought or said when you were little....

    I remember at primary school being asked to write about a "pet hate". I thought the teacher wanted me to write about what pets I hated. So I wrote a page about how much I disliked dogs! :D
  14. Carina

    Pieces that shouldn't be done for band?

    That's because the horn section finally gets a tune :D The arrangements that annoy me the most are those old ones where the arranger thought only cornets can play tunes....There are only so many off beats a horn section wants to play in one piece!!!
  15. Carina

    Sold/Expired Wind/Concert Band Music

    Our Concert Band has found a great supplier. Is that the sort of place you're after?
  16. Carina

    Skirt or Trousers????!

    Our uniform is trousers for everyone at brass band. At Concert Band we have a choice and I like wearing a skirt. I play percussion for Concert Band and have never had a problem changing timpani notes or moving between instruments wearing an ankle length skirt. I can see how it would be difficult...
  17. Carina

    Warming up - March or hymn tunes

    The only time our band sees the Red hymn books is a week before ANZAC Day! Our warm up is different every week. Sometimes it's a new piece that's just been handed out, or a delightful arrangement that our MD has just completed and wants us to try :) The idea is that we have spent some time...
  18. Carina

    Whats your worse advert...?

    A couple of ads come to mind: Family Health Diary...telling us all about the latest drugs you can buy at the chemist. Battery Centre...really annoying guy talking about batteries... Any finance ads...I have to agree, the ones that promise you how easy it will be when you put all your debt in...
  19. Carina

    horn players, lads or gals???

    Well we used to have a mixture of players in our section, but it's all girls this year. As for giving the basses something to look at...I never knew that the back of our heads were that appealing....
  20. Carina

    Commonwealth Games 2006

    GOLD for us :D